Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Metal-Eating inmates costing Taxpayers millions.

According to CBS report, more inmates in the Cook County jail are swallowing harmful things to get pain meds/hospital attention. Of course, Sheriff Dart is blaming everyone but himself as the tab runs in the millions..

Officers injured?

From Comment Section. 

Numerous officers were injured in inmate attack in dist 6. The Superintendent was more concerned if the inmate was ok as he hid in his office when shit went down. This is the garbage we have to put up with on a daily basis.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Might give Sheriff Dart a run for his money in the disastrous wardrobe category..

From Second City Cop..
She has just shown up at a police shooting in her District, possibly by members of her command. She is the person in charge until a Deputy or higher shows up. She might be tasked with making a statement to the media.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Open Post..

Weekly Open-Post...

More fallout from Puerto Rico shirt-gate as Commissioners now considering to completely abolish the CCFP police department..

Could the fate of the entire Cook County Forest Preserve police department come down to a woman in a Puerto Rico shirt harassed by a drunk. But before you consider this a done deal remember President Preckwinkle despises Sheriff Tom Dart and would probably never allow this.

More fallout Thursday from the viral video appearing to show an officer standing around as a young woman is being harassed in a Northwest Side forest preserve. The development comes as new hate crime charges are leveled against the alleged perpetrator in the video.
A handful of County Commissioners are saying the entire Cook County Forest Preserve District police force should be disbanded and merged into the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Loyola Hospital sues the Sheriff for "Hijacking" hospital..

According to the suit, Cermak refused inmate and the Sheriff took him to the emergency room at Loyola Medical center several months ago.. He was discharged in early April, but the Sheriff refuses to remove him according to the suit... Loyola claims he has been strapped/shacked to a bed for months while costing the hospital over $500,000 in medical expenses.. 

The hospital is asking the court to declare the county’s actions to be an illegal seizure of hospital property and resources, and to order the county to remove the inmate and reimburse the hospital for its expenses.

Chicago Man almost gets killed for allegedly using the "N" word and it appears the attacker will not be charged.

Man brutally beaten at Blue Line CTA station while some witnesses say he got what he deserved because he allegedly used the "N" word.. The offender in the video punched the victim several times in the head while attempting to throw him over the platform on the tracks.. CPD confirms they are not even looking for the attacker and waiting to see if the victim comes forward to press charges.. The media is shockingly insinuating this was justified and the Chicago defender went a step further applauding the attack/telling Trump supporters they better be prepared for repercussions.. 

Chicago Defender Incites Violence..

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Update.. Kim Foxx considering felony hate crime charges against man who harassed woman at Forest preserve..

Can anyone think of a case where someone was charged with a felony when no physical threat or contact was made. This case made set a very dangerous precedent!

I'm not even sure this drunk moron committed any crime other than maybe assault or disorderly conduct. But unbelievable, the States Attorney is now considering felony hate crime charges.. Welcome to Crook County, where Carjacking's are decriminalized for juveniles but the crazy white guy yelling at a Puerto Rican woman is a felony offense..

Sheriff Dart pushes for criminal charges against Judge Joseph Claps who allegedly carried a legally owned gun in unauthorized area at CCB..

The allegation is Judge Claps had a gun fall from his pocket captured on camera in lobby area at 26th Street.. Judge Claps was never taken into custody despite the Sheriff charging him with a Class B Misdemeanor. The States Attorney office made it abundantly clear that they never pushed for criminal charges.. 

Judge Claps has a legally concealed carry license according to records.. Cara Smith foolishly stated the Sheriff office believes the gun was loaded despite them never having possession of the firearm. Once again, Cara Smith proves she is probably the dumbest lawyer on the face of the earth.. How do you determine a gun is loaded by a camera shot, you idiot!

Update... Sheriff office releases video of Judge Claps allegedly dropping firearm in the lobby area of 26th Street. Apparently, Sheriff Dart wants to further humiliate this Judge.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Cook County inmate sexually assaulted cellmate after pulling knife..

Another seven figure future lawsuit courtesy of dunce Dart!

Here is another shocker courtesy of the Dart, winkle, and Foxx pro-criminal justice system.. Illegal alien Carlos Ruiz reportedly raped his male cellmate at the Cook County jail in 2016.. Ruiz was awaiting trial for a home invasion/aggravated criminal sexual assault after he repeatedly raped and tortured the female homeowner in 2012.. He only served four years for the home invasion and sexual assault.. He was then apparently mistakenly released despite the pending warrant for the jail assault.. He is now back in the Cook County jail after extradition from Alabama..  I guess the logical questions are why this animal only received four years for the first sexual assault and how did he get a knife into the jail?

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Preckwinkle and Dart have quietly eliminated 2,000 officer positions in last decade while now prominent Democrats are now calling for the complete abolishment of ICE..

Not your father's Democratic Party!

 When did the democratic party become this radical? 

ICE has deported 1.6 million violent criminals in the last five years while most leading presidential contenders want the agency completely abolished.. Our department has lost nearly 2,000 officers since the radical-left took over the Sheriff's department.. It appears like a coordinated effort to reduce policing everywhere within the democratic party.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Second City Cop reporting Sheriff Tom Dart has apparently issued a new policy.. Operating 24-hour holding facilities without a supervisor..

What could possibly go wrong working without a supervisor and reportedly only one male officer in a busy lockup? Oh that's right, someone could die while the officer is suppose to be monitoring the inmates all while doing the workload of six deputies.. It's going to be almost unthinkable Sheriff Dart can pin this one on the officers. Another example why officers should consider withdrawing union dues when they let the Sheriff get away with this shit!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Breaking News.. Federal Judge rules that Sheriff Tom Dart encouraged/incentivized masturbating inmates and sexual assaults against female staff..

We have seen some harsh rulings from federal judges before but this one was extraordinary brutal!

A federal judge refused to dismiss lawsuits from female public defenders and correctional officers who claim Cook County, Illinois, inmates have been exposing themselves and masturbating in front of them, a problem they say was exacerbated by a program rewarding detainees with pizza for not engaging in such behavior.

The lawsuits claim county officials not only failed to protect women who visit the jails for their job, but worsened the problem.
According to the women, Dart even created a program to reward serial harassers with pizza parties if they went 30 days without masturbating in front of the women.
“Perhaps not surprisingly, as a result of this program, detainees who had not previously engaged in such behavior were incentivized to do so in order to be eligible for a pizza reward thirty days later,” Judge Kennelly wrote in a 42-page opinion.
Dart had argued that the court should throw out the women’s equal protection claims because they had failed to show that men working within the jail system had received greater protections or that he had intended to discriminate against them because of their sex.
But Kennelly found that the women had done enough to support their claims at this point in the proceedings with specific facts, including allegations that Dart had created solutions to the problem only to reverse them.
That allegedly included handcuffing inmates and having them wear custom jumpsuits to prevent inmates from exposing themselves or masturbating. Dart abandoned the solutions because Campanelli had objected to the use of handcuffs, and some inmates had burned the jumpsuits using microwave ovens, according to court records.