Saturday, March 24, 2018

Craigslist removes 'personals' section due to Republican bill passed awaiting President Trump's signature. Guess who has crawled out from under his desk to take credit for this?

Sheriff Dart comes out of hiding to take credit for a Republican bill he had absolutely nothing to do with.. Of course, there is no mention off the millions in litigation costs Cook County taxpayers are on the hook for.

Sun-times propaganda disclaimer. Sheriff Dart has hired many relatives of reporters from the news source below.

Mark this a big win for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. After years of waging war against websites he said facilitated prostitution and sex trafficking of minors, Dart has scored a victory from an unlikely source.

The U.S. Senate just passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, and President Donald Trump is expected to sign the controversial bill.“This tremendous legislation will, for the first time, give human trafficking victims a recourse against those who profit from their exploitation,” Dart says.

After passage of the sex trafficking bill, Craigslist shut down its personal ads section and announced it “will no longer operate the portion of the website that allows individuals to seek encounters with strangers.”
Dart has been fighting Internet sites that trade in erotic ads for more than a decade. In 2015, he wrote letters to Visa and MasterCard urging credit-card companies not to allow their cards to be used to place ads on the website.’s operators responded by suing Dart.
“This is a historic step in a world where everything seems bad,” says Cara Smith, Dart’s top policy aide. “Already, we have seen huge changes in the landscape for victims of sexual exploitation.”

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sheriff's office confirms Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia is leaving.. Cara Smith says the Sheriff is undecided on whether the next executive director will "specialize in psychology."

It's very informative that Sheriff Dart uses a spokesperson to speak of Nneka's departure. Sheriff Dart has no loyalty to anyone and cant tie his own shoes without Cara's help!

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart drew national attention and reinforced his argument that the jail has become a massive mental health hospital when he appointed a psychologist to be the jail’s executive director. After almost three years on the job, Nneka Jones Tapia is moving on. She confirms that her last day will be March 28.
Looking back at her 11.5 years in corrections, Jones Tapia says she’s most proud of the work she and the staff have done to for inmates with mental illness.“I think as a whole, correctional institutions are thought of as one of the worst places someone can go,” Jones Tapia said. “We’ve changed that narrative by helping people use that time to transform their lives for the better, that’s what I’m proud of.”
“Nneka leaves very big shoes to fill and the sheriff is committed to finding the next, best leader of the Department of Corrections,” said Cara Smith, chief policy officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. “It’ll be difficult given Nneka’s tremendous leadership and unique skill set.”
Smith says the department’s high-level staff will continue running the jail while the office conducts a thoughtful search on Jones Tapia’s replacement. She says they are undecided on whether the next executive director will specialize in psychology, as Jones Tapia did.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Breaking News... Numerous sources confirm Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia has submitted letter of resignation..

We broke this rumor several months ago (below) and received backlash from the Sheriff's office. We even predicted she was leaving in March as the source confirmed.  

Posted in December..  
Rumor mill..  

If Dr. Jones is being pushed out for poor job performance is Brad Curry and Cara Smith next? We all know Sheriff Dart blames everyone but himself for his failed leadership.. Numerous sources say Nneka was at odds with Dart for coddling the inmates and Dart's insane policy of never placing violent inmates on lockdown.

 Even leftist Sun-times columnist Mary Mitchell and his jail shrink wanted Dart to get tougher on the inmates.. It's amazing how out of control Dart's jail is with less than half the inmates that former Sheriff Sheahan dealt with. Sheriff Dart will never admit he is the problem and until he goes nothing will change!

Confirmed by source Nneka Jones is leaving in March.

What a disaster.. Promotional exam results reportedly tossed!

From Comment section..

CCSO just sent an email out in regard to all promotional exams. They threw out all the lists!!!!!!

Given recent developments relating to the constitution of the Merit Board (including the recent amendment to the Merit Board Statute), the Merit Board has decided it is prudent to invalidate the results of the Promotional Examinations taken on the dates identified below:

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Police Officer

Police Sergeant

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Police Lieutenant

Correctional Lieutenant

Deputy Sergeant

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Correctional Sergeant

The Promotional Examinations will be re-administered on a future date(s) to allow Cook County Sheriff's employees to retake the Promotional Examinations.

Thank you,-

Cook County Sheriff's Merit Board

69 West Washington Street, Suite 1100

Chicago, Illinois 60602

Main Line: 312.603.0170 / Fax: 312.603.9865


McCarthy running for Mayor as John Kass tells Sheriff Dart "you're not a viable candidate anymore."

McCarthy running for Mayor as rumors swirl that Dart or Preckwinkle might jump in.. However, John Kass told Sheriff Dart on his podcast that he no longer considers him a viable candidate for Mayor anymore. Kass bluntly told Dart that he thinks his chance had passed to run for Mayor. We agree with Kass, but for the sake of the Sheriff's office, we hope he does run..

It appears Dart is still afraid of tiny dancer..

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Breaking News Projection.. Preckwinkle will win re-election while Berrios loses.

Looks like the NBC pollster is going to be outta work as Preckwinkle wins easily..With 2134 of 3668 precincts reporting Shows Preckwinkle with a healthy 18 point lead while Berrios is trailing by 9 points. 

Breaking News. Reports of another school shooting where suspect is shot dead by armed resource officer saving multiple lives.

The media wont know how to spin this after calling for gun-free zones around all schools. Liberals really believe that having unarmed security/officers in schools is a good thing!

Chicago Tribune opinion piece. "Sheriff Tom Dart is failing his community."

Sheriff Tom Dart has lost the support of conservatives, moderates, minorities, and now even the progressive liberals. His pals in the media can only prop him up for so long!
In Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s recent opinion piece “Jailhouse Blues: Here’s what real jail reform looks like,” Dart shows a blatant disrespect for the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” and a misunderstanding o what it will take to stop the violence in Cook County. He repeatedly claims that it is a huge risk to society to release people prior to trial who are accused of violent crimes. And he is currently refusing to release some defendants who have not been convicted of a crime.
There are two problems with Dart’s position and his actions. First, he is acting like being accused of a crime automatically makes someone guilty. In the U.S., the idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty is a core principle of our legal and criminal justice systems. This is especially important here, given the long history of scandals involving Chicago police coercing confessions, fabricating evidence, and more, especially when dealing with defendants of color. People who have been accused of violent offenses deserve their day in court before the system assumes they are a danger to public safety.
Second, Dart assumes that the best way to deal with violence is to lock people up. As a pastor who has been standing up against gun violence in Englewood and throughout Cook County for years, I can attest to the fact that he is badly mistaken. I have seen that a criminal justice system that destroys people’s lives just makes them more desperate. And desperate people do desperate things.
We need to address the root causes of crime and violence, which are injustice and inequality, rather than lock up poor people. We need to fully fund the schools and public services that are so starved for resources in low-income communities. We need to create jobs that pay a living wage for people of color in low-income communities. And Dart needs to respect the principle that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Shock poll shows Sheriff Dart is very vulnerable to a strong independent run in the general election..Preckwinkle in statistical tie with Fioretti. .

Sheriff Tom Dart is very fortunate not to have primary opponent for tomorrow's election. Shock poll shows Bob Fioretti in statistical tie with President Preckwinkle despite political pundits predicting a landslide.. Fioretti ran a very good campaign despite not having much funding... If Preckwinkle is beat or if its close, Dart is vulnerable to an Independent run in the general.. I think tomorrow will be a good indication if Izzo really has a legitimate shot of winning. It appears by this poll voters are fed up with all the waste and mismanagement. 

The race for Cook County board president is shaping up to be closer than expected, a new poll by Victory Research of 701 people from Cook County March 13-March 15 shows. 
Toni Preckwinkle: 42 percent
Bob Fioretti: 41 percent
Undecided: 17 percent

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Dart claims his new policing strategy is reducing Chicago crime.

Warning.. The statistics released in this article is from the Sheriff's office so proceed with skepticism. Our statistics show the Sheriff's office spokesperson (Cara Smith) averages two lies in every press release! 

Sneed is told a multi-pronged policing strategy put in place by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in September 2017 — which targeted Chicago’s violence-riveted South Side Chatham neighborhood — has resulted in a major shooting decline.

• To wit: The new strategy by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, which includes surge enforcement at peak crime times, netted a 51% decline in shootings from September 2017 to February 2018, compared with the identical period the year before when 121 shootings occurred.

“And in one month alone, there was an 80% decline,” said Sam Randall, a sheriff’s spokesman.
Randall claims that in January 2017, there were 20 shootings — and in January 2018, there were only four shootings.
“The reason Chatham was selected was because there was a 44% increase in shootings in 2016 compared to 2015,” he said.
The Chatham strategy involved “surge enforcement,” the use of 90 officers total in the 6th District during peak days, but it also included a community engagement element. “The sheriff’s police monitored safe passage routes for kids, were visible at schools and churches, got out of their cars to thoughtfully engage with people, and held community events,” he said.
“In addition, 67 guns were recovered in the six-month operation and there was a 45% decline in homicides versus the prior year.”
Sneed is also told the sheriff’s police are currently in the process of transitioning operations into Chicago’s 3rd Police District, which encompasses the South Shore neighborhood.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Why millions of Democrats switched over and voted for Trump? Chicago "Dreamer" sits on hood of CPD vehicle flashing Gang signs and one month later is charged with attempted murder..

Another great example of Cook County sanctuary policy. No respect for law-enforcement knowing Rahm, Toni, and Tommy will let them get away with anything..

Charged with attempted murder.

"Dreamer" and known Gang Member Bryan Santos sits on the hood of a CPD police vehicle flashing Gang signs.. One month later he is charged with attempted murder. Photo from Santos Facebook page courtesy of CWB Chicago..

33 accused of murder or attempted murder, 51 rapists, and 39 armed robbers are currently freed on Sheriff's electronic monitoring program..

Sheriff Dart has been hiding these statistics for years. After major backlash from Commander Bauer murder he is suddenly 'concerned' about public safety.

According to Sheriff Dart, "As of Wednesday, there were 33 individuals accused of murder or attempted murder, 51 charged with criminal sexual assault or abuse, and 39 charged with armed robbery assigned to my electronic monitoring program. One man recently ordered into the program was arrested after running from police while carrying a 9 mm loaded with hollow-point bullets. This 26-year-old man had 18 prior adult arrests, including eight convictions. One of those convictions was for running away from the same electronic monitoring program the judge sent him back to. Just a few days ago, another man on electronic monitoring — though charged as an armed habitual criminal — was found in a car with a loaded gun under his seat. The judge ordered him back into my program if he could pay a few thousand dollars in bond."

By Tom Dart.
Over the last several months, a well-intentioned experiment in criminal justice reform has been quietly rolling out in courtrooms across Chicago. While much has been good so far, I am concerned the effort is dangerously veering off course. From the outside, getting criminal justice right sounds simple enough: After someone is arrested, keep the violent ones locked up and let everyone else go unless and until they are convicted.

I recently raised concern about judges sending a high number of potentially violent defendants to the electronic monitoring program I run. The program was designed to handle nonviolent offenders, but the number of defendants facing violent crime or gun charges who are ordered into the program has jumped by about 50 percent. Cook County’s recent severe budget cuts have made it difficult to effectively take on this increasing risk in a home detention program that monitors more than 2,000 people on ankle bracelets every day.

My concern has so far been met with indifference, denial and ungrounded outrage. My commitment to reform has been questioned. Some say those arrested on gun charges aren’t necessarily “violent.” Even if they are, others argue, there is no proof they will commit new crimes or flee prosecution if they have an ankle bracelet on them. Critics argue that few defendants have been rearrested so far. This ignores the fact that thousands of crime victims every year — those shot, robbed or raped — go without justice because no one is charged. In 2017, the murder closure rate in Chicago hit a new low at just 17.5 percent.

Let’s be clear about the problems I’m talking about. As of Wednesday, there were 33 individuals accused of murder or attempted murder, 51 charged with criminal sexual assault or abuse, and 39 charged with armed robbery assigned to my electronic monitoring program. One man recently ordered into the program was arrested after running from police while carrying a 9 mm loaded with hollow-point bullets. This 26-year-old man had 18 prior adult arrests, including eight convictions. One of those convictions was for running away from the same electronic monitoring program the judge sent him back to. Just a few days ago, another man on electronic monitoring — though charged as an armed habitual criminal — was found in a car with a loaded gun under his seat. The judge ordered him back into my program if he could pay a few thousand dollars in bond. This is not reform. We can’t declare victory and just move on.

I recently reiterated that electronic monitoring was never intended for these offenders. After all, those of us pushing this criminal justice reform had long promised that our aim was to help nonviolent offenders and that bond reform would not further endanger the public.

When I was elected sheriff of Cook County, the U.S. Department of Justice declared the overcrowded county jail violated the Constitution, calling it an “unsecure facility that is dangerous for everyone on the premises” where detainees were “regularly subjected to inappropriate and excessive use of physical force.” This summer we were congratulated by that department as we exited federal oversight for the first time in 40 years.

Tom Dart, Cook County sheriff.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dart and Fioretti coordinated attack on Preckwinkle one week before election?

If Preckwinkle wins again the Sheriff's office is screwed.. I really don't understand Sheriff Dart's political strategy here.. By all accounts Fioretti is still a long-shot to win..

Dart opened ethics investigation on Preckwinkle over a year ago, and now less than a week before the election it gets dumped to the media.. Bob Fioretti calls for federal investigation into Preckwinkle over campaign materials found in her county issued vehicle.

Class Action filed challenging Merit Board legality after recent legislation change.

Is the Board still illegal?

“The Sheriff’s ‘fix’ is a repeat of Period I, a sham and theater which empowers virtually the same Board members (from the old Board) improperly-appointed under the former statute, to hear and pass judgment on cases that were never properly filed to begin with, but that are proposed to continue under auspices of ‘amended complaints,’” the plaintiffs asserted.

Plaintiffs Martenia Shyne and Antoinette Garret-Williams filed suit through their lawyers, Christopher Cooper and Cass Casper, of Chicago, on their own behalf, as well as a class of 230 other correctional officers and deputies fired by Dart’s administration in recent years.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sheriff Tom Dart opens ethics investigation into President Preckwinkle after allegedly finding campaign literature in her county issued vehicle. Sheriff Dart seriously needs to be mentally evaluated!

The Sheriff's office covered up a sexual crime by Dart's former Chief of Staff but wants Preckwinkle investigated for campaign literature. You cant make this up! 

It's a political mystery.
Bags filled with campaign materials were found inside an abandoned car that used to drive Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.
That mystery is now the subject of an investigation into Preckwinkle's security team and whether someone was using a taxpayer-funded vehicle for political purposes.
According to police documents obtained by FOX 32, someone called 911 and sheriff's police traced the car's municipal plate to the Cook County Department of Homeland Security.
After towing it to a sheriff's lot, they opened the doors and found several bags stuffed with hundreds of pieces of election materials: political flyers, campaign buttons and palm cards all for Democratic state and county candidates.
After determining there may have been an ethics violation, the sheriff's office turned their findings over to Cook County inspector general Patrick Blanchard, who told FOX 32 on Tuesday that he is conducting an investigation.