Thursday, May 24, 2018

Revisionist history?

Delusional Disorder?
Nneka Jones Tapia short tenure as Cook County Warden was really this successful? She now claims her policies made everyone more safe. Just curious if Cara Smith and Brad Curry think they are doing a good job too... I guess Rex Grossman could write a book now on his Stellar NFL career. Why not?
Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia is a psychologist who has worked in corrections for nearly 12 years in Chicago. In 2015, she was named warden of Cook County Jail, making her the first mental health professional to head up a prison or jail in the U.S., according to the Cook County Sheriff’s office. 
"There should be no such thing as solitary confinement," Dr. Jones Tapia said. 
Dr. Jones Tapia says she recognizes the dangers of solitary confinement, and because of that, she wanted to make sure Cook County handled things differently.  
"We said that we're no longer going to house people — who had, you know, done some egregious behavior — in their cell for 23 hours a day. We're going to discipline them for their behaviors, nonetheless, but we're going to have them to come out of their cell for a few hours a day. … And so out of, let's say a 12 to 14 hour day, they're out for five hours. That was remarkable," Dr. Jones Tapia said. 
Along with cutting down on the isolation for inmates, Dr. Jones Tapia instituted group interaction with corrections officers, with the hope that the inmates would gain something from their time together. 
"Why not have them commune with each other? There's nothing against communing and fellowshipping. But what we found, and this is where the psychologist in me recognized something that we could do different … why not put our staff inside of the tier so that instead of them feeding off of the negative behaviors of each other, then hopefully our staff can model some positive behaviors," Dr. Jones Tapia said. 
"We saw staff that would sit at a picnic table with inmates all around them engaging, listening. They're learning about each other. … We saw the incidents started to plummet," Dr. Jones Tapia said. 

Sheriff Dart father's pal arrested again in Boston.. Will Dart's office deny extradition again?

Update.. Boston authorities arrest former CBOT Chairman again putting pressure on the Sheriff to extradite the connected millionaire.

Former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman Patrick Arbor was back in policy custody Thursday morning after being arrested in Boston for the second time this week on a warrant stemming from his divorce case.

Arbor, 81, was regarded as one of Chicago’s most prominent citizens over several decades, a player in political, civic and philanthropic affairs whose name appeared regularly in bold-faced type in the gossip columns.
Arbor was first arrested by Massachusetts State Police on Monday while attending his grandson’s graduation ceremony at Boston College. But he was released within hours after the Cook County sheriff’s office declined to extradite him, citing confusion over the warrant.
Lawyers for Arbor’s ex-wife, Antoinette Vigilante, then went back to court on Tuesday in Cook County and obtained a new warrant to answer the sheriff’s office concerns. Lawrence Byrne, one of Vigilante’s lawyers, noted in court filings that it has “proven historically difficult” to get the sheriff’s office to act on the matter.
Cara Smith, a spokesman for Sheriff Tom Dart, said Thursday that the office was aware of the new arrest and awaiting further information. Smith said the sheriff will extradite Arbor “as soon as he is cleared”—either by waiving extradition or receiving a hearing.
Dart/Arbor Connections.!
Dart's late father William was lobbyist for the Chicago Board of Trade and knew Patrick Arbor very well!

Tom Dart and Patrick Arbor are both Loyola alumni and were honored by the University.. Arbor donated nearly one million to his alma-mater.

 Cara Smith confirmed the warrant and even posted Arbor as wanted fugitive on the Sheriff's website in 2013.. “Any law enforcement agency can look for him.” Smith said..  

His bail was set at $24,887, according to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office website. “A criminal child support warrant was issued,” Smith said. “Any law enforcement agency can look for him.”

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

MSM news source finally calls out the constant lies..

"Is Sheriff's Dart office really this clueless?"

Link to article..

 Madigan opens IG investigation into the Sheriff and himself.. Did Cara Smith threaten employees who were not loyal to the Sheriff and Boss Madigan? Here is the Cara Smith/Madigan connection we uncovered not reported by the media..

Raymond F. LeFevour- Cara Smith father was president of Wright College for years. He appointed Lisa Madigan dean of students at the ripe age of 23. As payback Madigan hired Cara Smith to 6 figure post. 

Shocking video shows unrestrained CC inmates freely roaming around moving DOC transport bus robbing/assaulting other inmates.

 Absolute disgrace!

Click here for video!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cook County Sheriff refuses to extradite Former Chicago Board of Trade Chairman who fled country to avoid 18 million dollar divorce settlement.

We have unconfirmed tips that this guy has ties to Tom Dart's lobbyist brother Tim.. What we do know is their appears to be a major cover-up by high-ranking members of the Sheriff's office. Cara Smith, first falsely informed the media that the Judge told the Sheriff the warrant was not extraditable.. Smith later admitted that Sheriff's office never spoke to the Judge in question. Mark Brown, the author of the article, very charitably calls this a 'clarification' and not a lie by Smith. Brown never mentions his wife works for Dart..

Sun times Columnist Mark Brown has been after this guy for years writing articles about him fleeing the Country avoiding a large civil Judgement. The Sheriff's office lets him go and Brown very carefully slants the article as much as he can to give the Sheriff cover! 
Nearly five years ago, former Chicago Board of Trade chairman Patrick Arbor left the country and moved his assets overseas to avoid paying a court-ordered $18 million divorce judgment to his ex-wife.
On Monday, Arbor was arrested in Boston by Massachusetts State Police after he slipped into the country to attend his grandson’s graduation, only to be released again hours later when Cook County sheriff’s officials declined to extradite him.
Arbor, 81, was taken into custody at 1:05 p.m. at Boston College Alumni Stadium by officers serving an Illinois arrest warrant, said Massachusetts State Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Sullivan.
Sullivan said Massachusetts officials then informed Cook County of the arrest. But officials here did not want to bring him back to Chicago, Sullivan said. At that point, Massachusetts police no longer had a valid reason to hold Arbor, he said.
Cara Smith, a spokeswoman for Sheriff Thomas Dart, said sheriff’s officials declined to pursue the matter after checking with Circuit Judge Myron Mackoff, who Smith said had issued the warrant.
Smith initially said the judge had advised the sheriff’s office that the warrant was not valid outside Illinois. She later clarified that sheriff’s personnel made that determination on their own, in part because of confusion over who would pay the cost of returning Arbor.

Sheriff Tom Dart hired connected State Rep. Kelly Cassidy to 73k a year "part-time" job.. Now she is claiming Dart forced her to resign after criticizing House Speaker Mike Madigan..

The most scandalous part of this story is the Sheriff's office hired this politician to a 73k/year position and apparently she only worked part-time hours. BGA records indicate she earned more working part-time for the sheriff than in her State Representative position. Now she is accusing Dart and Madigan of political retaliation.. We want to know why she was hired in the first place and how many hours she actually worked.. What exactly does "part-time" mean and has any other Sheriff employee ever worked part-time with permission from the Sheriff?

Kelly Cassidy $73,471.84 Administrative Coordinator Cook County Department of Corrections 1/20/2015 2016

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Commissioners thank the media for "exposing" the Electronic Monitoring fiasco!

 Cook County Commissioners claim they had no idea there was issues in EM and graciously thank the CBS investigative news team for unearthing this major story.. The only problem is social media and employees have been exposing this for years. Many have also contacted numerous media outlets who completely ignored the story. Now Brad Edwards does a piece on this and the commissioners want to give him the Pulitzer Prize award. 

Sheriff Dart has also put out an outrageous lie that only recently the EM program has deteriorated into chaos.. He blames the recent bond initiative for overwhelming his program.  However, a recent FOIA shows his EM numbers have actually gone down about 300  since the new bond program, resulting in a significant increase in I-Bonds given to career criminals..  

Monday, May 14, 2018

25 violent and/or gun offenders have recently gone missing from EM.. This as shocking statistics are released showing less than 10% of accused felons spend anytime in the Cook County jail.

Update. CBS News Chicago is reporting 25 violent/gun offenders are on the loose after recently cutting EM bracelet..

Only 25% of felony cases result in a D-Bond or cash Bond. 

50% of felony cases result in I-BOND or signature Bond.

15.4% of those released on Electronic Monitoring were charged with violent crimes and 33.8% with weapons-related crimes.

Of those who were required to pay cash bond, 53.5% were ordered to pay $1,000 or less and 38.4% had to pay $500 or less.

And despite Sheriff Dart's assertions that EM has just recently become overwhelmed, the stats actual indicate a decrease in EM since the new bond policy... This was result of significant increase I-Bonds for felony defendants. 

The number of defendants in community corrections programs increased from 1,986 in August 2013 to 2,300 before the new bail policy was implemented and stood at 2,073 on May 10, 2018. All but a few of those in community corrections programs are on electronic monitoring.

Sheriff Dart legislation makes it nearly impossible for Judges to detain pregnant woman.

Pregnant woman are now free to commit crimes without consequences in Cook County! If your going to rob a bank, just have a pregnant female do it.. 

GoFundMe scammer who duped Sheriff's OPR at it again!

Even the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center uses solitary confinement on unruly detainees.. Sheriff Tom Dart calls this practice barbaric!

Sheriff Dart ended the practice of solitary confinement in the Cook County jail even for inmates who have repeatedly attacked staff.. In a speech last year he called the practice barbaric and made a jab at other Sheriff's saying his "seven year old has more common sense" on the issue than them.. Now comes reports that the Cook County JTDC uses solitary confinement while the Superintendent of the facility says its the only option to maintain order.  

Leonard Dixon, the superintendent of JTDC, said solitary confinement is a necessary “behavior management tool” — he wouldn’t call it a punishment — and he doesn’t plan to stop using it...
“Confinement is something that you use to ensure that your facility doesn’t get out of control,” he said. “There are consequences for behavior. And we’re not going to run a facility where the kids can do whatever and you have an unsafe place.”

Dart mocks other law enforcement officials on solitary confinement.. 32 minute mark of video! 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sheriff office plans to overhaul Electronic Monitoring after admitting the program is a complete disaster.

What a complete mess!

"The sheriff’s office plans to overhaul its electronic monitoring program, Cara Smith told the Tribune, but she declined to provide details."

The office’s capacity to supervise those out on electronic monitors has been stretched to its limit, Smith said. On any given shift, fewer than 20 investigators oversee about 2,100 living in the community as part of the program, she said.
It’s simply not enough to deter a high-risk suspect from committing new crimes — or just fleeing, sheriff’s officials said. In recent months, a handful of defendants on electronic monitors have been found with guns, drugs and ammunition in their residences after police executed search warrants, sheriff’s officials told the Tribune.
Over the years, more than 400 people released on electronic monitors have gone AWOL, including a few missing in excess of two decades, according to the office.
“That ankle bracelet doesn’t stop someone from running,” said Joseph Ryan, public policy director at the sheriff’s office. “It’s not a leash nailed to a wall, and it doesn’t stop anyone from committing a new crime. ... If there’s a belief that somehow this ankle bracelet is going to stop them from re-offending, I don’t know where that notion comes from.”
Those on electronic monitors are required to stay home around the clock unless a judge or the sheriff’s office has approved their outside activities.
Sheriff’s officials must sometimes perform a kind of triage: A defendant on the high-priority list returning home late from a court date, for instance, would likely delay an unannounced visit to the home of a detainee charged with a less serious offense.
Ideally, those on the high-priority list receive an unannounced visit from a sheriff’s deputy three times a day, Smith said. But that is impossible given the length of the list, she said.
“It is just a tremendous strain on resources,” Smith said. “These are people I think the public would expect to be held in custody pretrial, very heinous crimes.”
 Side Note..  Love the leash nailed to the wall analogy from Sheriff's policy Director Joe Ryan.. However, you think a former reporter would be a little more polished by not publically comparing these fine citizens to dogs... Were only suppose to do that in private!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Cook County Jail Employees say #MeToo."

Washington, D.C. Attorneys want a piece of the action. Dart's never ending gravy-train for lawyers reaches out-of-State. 

A complaint filed against the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and Cook County, Illinois in April alleges a pattern of sexual harassment at the County Jail and the failure to take appropriate action. Cyrus Mehri, Michael Lieder and Ellen Eardley joined a team of Chicago attorneys, including Joshua Karsh and Marni Willenson, representing a putative class of women working as correctional and civilian employees. The women reported pervasive sexual harassment by detainees, including exhibitionist masturbation, groping and threats of sexual violence. Even though their male counterparts didn’t experience the same harassment, when the women reported the disturbing behavior to their superiors they were told it was part of the job. The women continue to face sexual harassment at the jail as the county and sheriff’s office have refused to take adequate steps to curtail the extreme harassment.