Friday, November 17, 2017

Update... Sheriff forced to lay off 181 positions...Commissioners turn on Dart. Preckwinkle now has unprecedented bipartisan support to slash the Sheriff's budget. 

Those getting pink slips can personally thank Dart for publically mocking Preckwinkle last month. Dart thought her political career was over but painfully mistaken!!

Sources say commissioners were shocked when they started to dig through Dart's bloated budget. Now Preckwinkle has unanimous support to lay off several hundred mid-level mangers in the Sheriff's office. However, we still don't know who exactly is getting laid off. Can anyone enlighten us?

The amended budget calls for layoffs of 425 people and the elimination of 762 vacant positions.

Most of the cuts involve mid level management positions at the Cook County Sheriff's Department, and in the Chief Judge's office, but virtually all offices will have job cuts, according to the recommendation.

The amendment is cosponsored by 15 commissioners

Link to amended budget..

Slap on the wrist... Top aide to Sheriff Dart who illegally used Sheriff credentials to enter World Series and apparently set up an unauthorized sting gets a 10 day suspension.

Time fraud case sweep under the rug? The unauthorized World Series sting. 

Sun-times records indicate higher-ups in the Sheriff office did NOT authorize and were not even aware sheriff officials including Anton were on the clock "investigating" counterfeit merchandise at the World Series. YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP!

But lets move along. Nothing to see here! This investigation in closed Smith says. 
Cara Smith says Deputy Chief Mike Anton does excellent work, admitted to his poor judgement over the incident and the investigation is now closed.. 

Double standard..
Meanwhile, a black female C/O who slapped inmate after the inmate put his cock in her face gets a 30 day suspension.. Just one example out of thousands.

Sheriff Dart comes out from under his desk on Facebook and claims some obscure magazine named his Public Official of The Year! Dart says he's very proud of his nickname Sheriff Goofy..

 Half of Cook County voters thinks Cara Smith is the Sheriff which is sad!

He's back.....
Delusional, arrogance, mental illness, or a combination of all of them, this guy is certifiable.. He sincerely believes he's doing a good job which is astonishing!

I'm proud to have been named as one of the eight "Public Officials of the Year" by Governing Magazine. I view this as an honor that should be bestowed on the thousands of staff members who come to work every day passionate about reforming a broken criminal justice system. And it's also an honor that I share with all of you, who give us the support and ideas that fuel our campaign to end unjust incarceration and the criminalization of mental illness.

This is just the beginning. Let's use this recognition as a catalyst to take our message beyond Cook County. Let's show the rest of the nation that if we can accomplish true reform here in Chicago, it can be done anywhere.

Sheriff Tom Dart..

Even this low rated magazine who gave Dart the award couldn't completely spin reality. 

Dart is politically popular, but his tenure hasn’t been without controversy. Correctional officers’ unions have criticized him for protecting inmates at the cost of officer safety. He’s fought with County Board President Toni Preckwinkle over staffing levels. He’s been called “Sheriff Goofy” for sponsoring chess tournaments, teaching inmates to raise chickens, and allowing them to make and serve pizza to each other. But he says he wears that nickname proudly.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

 Dart's office crumbling as half dozen negative articles hit Sheriff just in last few hours. 

Numerous negative articles regarding Tom Dart's mismanaged office are flooding in just in past few hours. The are so many we are having a hard time keeping up! 

Sun-times editorial board rips Dart for not displaying common sense in Markham courthouse rape.

Tribune editorial board weighs in on the masturbators.

More officers file suit against Dart including female court service deputies.

Preckwinkle/Commissioners rips Dart for costing taxpayers 25 million in lawsuits just this year.

Preckwinkle blasts Dart's budget.

Sheriff showed extreme neglect to man who sustained severe brain injuries in the Cook County jail. County board approves 12 million in settlements.

Here we go again! Preckwinkle/Commissioners demand the Sheriff eliminate 244 positions. 

The Tribune says Preckwinkle wants a fight with Dart... Wonder if this has anything to do with the Sheriff calling her braindead while claiming she sleeps in the county car all day surrounded by bodyguards. Nice going Dil-Dart!

Sheriff Dart has 498 manager positions, more than double his predecessor former Sheriff Michael Sheahan. Preckwinkle is demanding he eliminate 244 of these positons. However, Dart is reportedly ignoring these suggestions and only laying off front line officers. Shockingly, Dart is planning on cutting more court service deputy's despite already reducing that division by 650+ officers in past 10 years..

Director of Cable Television and Director of Acupuncture. Shocking FOIA shows over 200 Director positions at Jail. Former Sheriff Sheahan had seven jail directors to put into prospective..

I'm just curious what the Director of Cable Television does?

Source Izzo..

Huge fight breaks out at Markham courthouse. Outside agencies called as Dart did not have one Deputy working security.

We being informed several people were injured including at least one officer in melee yesterday at the Markham courthouse. Not one deputy was assigned to court security as Dart has significantly reduced courthouse staffing. The fight reportedly involved at least 20 people and spilled over into the parking lot. At least one officer was taken to the hospital. Ironically, a FOIA was released today that showed Dart has over 200 Directors on his payroll at the jail. Since being in office Dart has reduced the Deputy Division by 650+ officers.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

 FAKE NEWS ALERT.. Tribune editorial board says Sheriff Tom Dart is doing a great job cracking down on FMLA abuse.

 Chicago's most prominent newspaper does childish editorial mocking the teamsters and actually giving credit to a Sheriff who has the highest absenteeism rate of any department in the country. Cant wait for the conservative firm buying the Tribune to fire all these hacks!

Female officers file suit over sexual assaults in the CC jail. Calls for federal monitor as Dart is not keeping woman safe in his jail.

The lawsuit filed Friday come days after female public defenders filed a lawsuit alleging similar misconduct by detainees in lockups at courthouses around the county as well as at the jail.

Both lawsuits allege authorities haven't done enough to stop the detainees from exposing themselves, masturbating and threatening female employees. Friday's lawsuit alleges harassment "so severe and pervasive and so consistently traumatizing as to make the jail an objectively abusive and hostile workplace for women."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and a court order forcing Sheriff Tom Dart to take action to limit the harassment.

Friday, November 10, 2017

United Kingdom publication headline..Serial Masturbators 'Get Pizza If They Can Hold Off For 30 Days' In US Prison

Congratulations Dart, your international news!

Dart tell public defender who was sexually assaulted to be quiet and do her job. Suit..

Wonder if Tom Dart said this to the employee who was victimized by his former Chief of Staff. What a true scumbag!

One of the plaintiffs, Samantha Slonim, pressed criminal charges against a detainee who masturbated at her while in the courthouse lockup in 2016. After that, she was placed in the same lockup with him three more times, according to the complaint. At those times, he yelled that he would “beat the shit out of” her and “motherfucking kill” her, according to the complaint.

Another plaintiff, Erika Knierim, asked Dart to say something to the detainees who were repeatedly exposing themselves. According to the suit, Dart told her “that she could file a charge but nothing would happen; at the end of the day it is not going to stop; and she should just do her job.”