Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dart playing a sick twisted game of Russian roulette to prove a point to Preckwinkle. 

Dart cuts shift overtime at the jail leaving officers in grave danger.

This undeniably proves Dart has never cared for his officers safety but was only concerned about liability on him. Preckwinkle in a radio interview last week, suggested Dart cut 150 political positions. Dart ignored that suggestion and only cut officer/recruit positions.  Now Dart is playing a sick game of Russian roulette with Preckwinkle using his officers as bait.

We strongly suggest the Teamsters file a Inspector General complaint against Sheriff Dart using the Presidents own words that Dart has been extremely reckless with his budget decisions placing its members in danger. You now have the President of Cook County alleging publically what we have all been saying for years in private. The Cook County IG would certainly have to take that compliant very seriously.

Cook County pension fund liability is 15.3 billion according to "more realistic" accounting standards. If new accounting standards projection is correct the CC pension fund is in big trouble ..

Cook County Pension Liability Skyrockets from $6 to $15 Billion.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

President Preckwinkle calls Dart reckless to cut recruits when her office recommended he cut "managers"..

President Preckwinkle threatens to cut political positions if Dart doesn't immediately comply with the 10% cuts. 

She said her office initially recommended Dart cut 152 'manager' positions but he chose to cut guards which she called reckless. Preckwinkle calls Dart's budget extremely bloated and questioned why the Sheriff added 100 political positions to his budget while cutting officer positions. 

Link to interview.