Friday, November 17, 2017

Update... Sheriff forced to lay off 181 positions...Commissioners turn on Dart. Preckwinkle now has unprecedented bipartisan support to slash the Sheriff's budget. 

Those getting pink slips can personally thank Dart for publically mocking Preckwinkle last month. Dart thought her political career was over but painfully mistaken!!

Sources say commissioners were shocked when they started to dig through Dart's bloated budget. Now Preckwinkle has unanimous support to lay off several hundred mid-level mangers in the Sheriff's office. However, we still don't know who exactly is getting laid off. Can anyone enlighten us?

The amended budget calls for layoffs of 425 people and the elimination of 762 vacant positions.

Most of the cuts involve mid level management positions at the Cook County Sheriff's Department, and in the Chief Judge's office, but virtually all offices will have job cuts, according to the recommendation.

The amendment is cosponsored by 15 commissioners

Link to amended budget..

Slap on the wrist... Top aide to Sheriff Dart who illegally used Sheriff credentials to enter World Series and apparently set up an unauthorized sting gets a 10 day suspension.

Time fraud case sweep under the rug? The unauthorized World Series sting. 

Sun-times records indicate higher-ups in the Sheriff office did NOT authorize and were not even aware sheriff officials including Anton were on the clock "investigating" counterfeit merchandise at the World Series. YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP!

But lets move along. Nothing to see here! This investigation in closed Smith says. 
Cara Smith says Deputy Chief Mike Anton does excellent work, admitted to his poor judgement over the incident and the investigation is now closed.. 

Double standard..
Meanwhile, a black female C/O who slapped inmate after the inmate put his cock in her face gets a 30 day suspension.. Just one example out of thousands.

Sheriff Dart comes out from under his desk on Facebook and claims some obscure magazine named his Public Official of The Year! Dart says he's very proud of his nickname Sheriff Goofy..

 Half of Cook County voters thinks Cara Smith is the Sheriff which is sad!

He's back.....
Delusional, arrogance, mental illness, or a combination of all of them, this guy is certifiable.. He sincerely believes he's doing a good job which is astonishing!

I'm proud to have been named as one of the eight "Public Officials of the Year" by Governing Magazine. I view this as an honor that should be bestowed on the thousands of staff members who come to work every day passionate about reforming a broken criminal justice system. And it's also an honor that I share with all of you, who give us the support and ideas that fuel our campaign to end unjust incarceration and the criminalization of mental illness.

This is just the beginning. Let's use this recognition as a catalyst to take our message beyond Cook County. Let's show the rest of the nation that if we can accomplish true reform here in Chicago, it can be done anywhere.

Sheriff Tom Dart..

Even this low rated magazine who gave Dart the award couldn't completely spin reality. 

Dart is politically popular, but his tenure hasn’t been without controversy. Correctional officers’ unions have criticized him for protecting inmates at the cost of officer safety. He’s fought with County Board President Toni Preckwinkle over staffing levels. He’s been called “Sheriff Goofy” for sponsoring chess tournaments, teaching inmates to raise chickens, and allowing them to make and serve pizza to each other. But he says he wears that nickname proudly.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

 Dart's office crumbling as half dozen negative articles hit Sheriff just in last few hours. 

Numerous negative articles regarding Tom Dart's mismanaged office are flooding in just in past few hours. The are so many we are having a hard time keeping up! 

Sun-times editorial board rips Dart for not displaying common sense in Markham courthouse rape.

Tribune editorial board weighs in on the masturbators.

More officers file suit against Dart including female court service deputies.

Preckwinkle/Commissioners rips Dart for costing taxpayers 25 million in lawsuits just this year.

Preckwinkle blasts Dart's budget.

Sheriff showed extreme neglect to man who sustained severe brain injuries in the Cook County jail. County board approves 12 million in settlements.

Here we go again! Preckwinkle/Commissioners demand the Sheriff eliminate 244 positions. 

The Tribune says Preckwinkle wants a fight with Dart... Wonder if this has anything to do with the Sheriff calling her braindead while claiming she sleeps in the county car all day surrounded by bodyguards. Nice going Dil-Dart!

Sheriff Dart has 498 manager positions, more than double his predecessor former Sheriff Michael Sheahan. Preckwinkle is demanding he eliminate 244 of these positons. However, Dart is reportedly ignoring these suggestions and only laying off front line officers. Shockingly, Dart is planning on cutting more court service deputy's despite already reducing that division by 650+ officers in past 10 years..

Director of Cable Television and Director of Acupuncture. Shocking FOIA shows over 200 Director positions at Jail. Former Sheriff Sheahan had seven jail directors to put into prospective..

I'm just curious what the Director of Cable Television does?

Source Izzo..

Huge fight breaks out at Markham courthouse. Outside agencies called as Dart did not have one Deputy working security.

We being informed several people were injured including at least one officer in melee yesterday at the Markham courthouse. Not one deputy was assigned to court security as Dart has significantly reduced courthouse staffing. The fight reportedly involved at least 20 people and spilled over into the parking lot. At least one officer was taken to the hospital. Ironically, a FOIA was released today that showed Dart has over 200 Directors on his payroll at the jail. Since being in office Dart has reduced the Deputy Division by 650+ officers.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

 FAKE NEWS ALERT.. Tribune editorial board says Sheriff Tom Dart is doing a great job cracking down on FMLA abuse.

 Chicago's most prominent newspaper does childish editorial mocking the teamsters and actually giving credit to a Sheriff who has the highest absenteeism rate of any department in the country. Cant wait for the conservative firm buying the Tribune to fire all these hacks!

Female officers file suit over sexual assaults in the CC jail. Calls for federal monitor as Dart is not keeping woman safe in his jail.

The lawsuit filed Friday come days after female public defenders filed a lawsuit alleging similar misconduct by detainees in lockups at courthouses around the county as well as at the jail.

Both lawsuits allege authorities haven't done enough to stop the detainees from exposing themselves, masturbating and threatening female employees. Friday's lawsuit alleges harassment "so severe and pervasive and so consistently traumatizing as to make the jail an objectively abusive and hostile workplace for women."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and a court order forcing Sheriff Tom Dart to take action to limit the harassment.

Friday, November 10, 2017

United Kingdom publication headline..Serial Masturbators 'Get Pizza If They Can Hold Off For 30 Days' In US Prison

Congratulations Dart, your international news!

Dart tell public defender who was sexually assaulted to be quiet and do her job. Suit..

Wonder if Tom Dart said this to the employee who was victimized by his former Chief of Staff. What a true scumbag!

One of the plaintiffs, Samantha Slonim, pressed criminal charges against a detainee who masturbated at her while in the courthouse lockup in 2016. After that, she was placed in the same lockup with him three more times, according to the complaint. At those times, he yelled that he would “beat the shit out of” her and “motherfucking kill” her, according to the complaint.

Another plaintiff, Erika Knierim, asked Dart to say something to the detainees who were repeatedly exposing themselves. According to the suit, Dart told her “that she could file a charge but nothing would happen; at the end of the day it is not going to stop; and she should just do her job.”

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ABC national news headline.. ‘Serial masturbators’ in Cook County custody rewarded with pizza for 30-day abstention.

And it gets even worse for Dart.. Now National News!!

Update from the comment section. Female guards reprimanded after getting sexually assaulted. 

Tommy Tell us why Terry Williams was also serving Chicken To the Masturbation Tier in Div 9. Why is it that Female Officers are subjected everyday they come to work and some Shitbag is Whipping out his Cock thur out her tour of duty. Why is it the Sgt.Vega from Sheriff's Police don't Pursue Criminal Charges against your Inmates. Tommy tell us about the Female Officer that Pushed a Inmate back and slapped the inmate for whipping out his cock and telling her how he wants to Fuck her ass. That female Officer was subjected to a Write up for pushing and slapping the inmate that whipped out his Cock. As for Cara Smith. Your a nasty old scumbag Lawyer. Director Jones was walking the Tunnel when a inmate Whiiped out his Cock and She was Offended and came up with the Bullshit jumpsuit. Thinking that would solve the Problem. And it didn't. Think a Class action Lawsuit should be filed by all the Female Officers at the CCDOC. Tom if you want to stop all this crazy shit you are Allowing turn the cameras off and let your Officers do the job that they are Trained to do. Old Fashion ass whippings would stop this Craziness.

 Dart serves up Pizza to the masturbators... Chicago Tribune front page tommorow..

This is the most damaging political news article ever written about the Dart regime. And it appears to be the top story for tomorrows paper!

Pizza served to the inmates as a bribe!

Breaking News. Public Defenders file lawsuit against Cook County over masturbating inmates!

In an unprecedented lawsuit, Public Defenders sue Cook County over sex abuse from inmates.

Six Cook County Public Defender employees on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against their employer and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office for not cracking down on the allegedly rampant sexual abuse they experience from the inmates in the county jail.

The lawsuit filed by Assistant Public Defenders Crystal Brown, Saran Crayton, Samantha Slonim, Celeste Addyman, Erika Knierim and Julie Hull says they — and others — frequently encounter Cook County Jail detainees who “have repeatedly exposed their penises, masturbated, and engaged in other acts of sex-based aggression, verbal threats and harassment, and on an almost daily basis.”

The plaintiffs allege the defendants — Cook County, Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli and her office, and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart — have subjected them to discriminatory treatment by subjecting them to this harassment, and not correcting it, for more than two years.
The plaintiffs allege that only female public defenders experience this sexual aggression from inmates; many of their male colleagues do not experience this kind of harassment.

The plaintiffs hope to certify their lawsuit as a class action, alleging more than 200 assistant public defenders and law clerks have been subject to these abuses over the last two years.

Shock lawsuit from 2011 shows the Sheriff's office has never found one male employee in violation of it sexually harassment policy.

Has the Sheriff's batting average gone up in the last 6 years? Were being told no. Shocking stats show how poorly woman are treated by Sheriff Tom Dart's office. Shocking federal suit from 2011 shows the Sheriff did not sustain one claim of sexual harassment despite several hundred cases filed. We are even being informed of  several employees promoted by Dart with sexual harassment complaints in the double digits. That's right Chief Banks, your not the only one!

. Since 1999 no male employee has ever been found in violation of that policy in spite of more than 200 complaints made in the Cook County Sheriff's office.

Women throughout the Sheriffs Department have been told to not file complaints of sexual harassment and there is no effective method to complain about sexual harassment.

Much of the hostile work environment was open and notorious and included such things as inappropriate touching, assault, battery, threats of sexual assault, sexual abuse by male employees directed to female employees, retaliation against women, refusal to investigate complaints of harassment and retaliation for complaining about sexual harassment. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Children being violated at Dart's jail? 

Time for Acevedo and Izzo to FOIA this. This is a crime!

From comment Section.

11:35 your right about the visitors not being safe. div 9 had two inmates jagging off in front of children and their visitors were also stripping. its sad that children have to see that. That's enough for a lawsuit

Its not the first time, its common to have visitors strip and inmates jagoff in front of children and other people. Its been going on for a long time since dart has been in office. They get a write up and just keep on doing it. Im suprised visitors havnt sued, I guess they don't want their loved ones homie being punished. Why would they stop they get pizza anyways.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dart..... Preckwinkle/Commissioner's don't have a functioning brain..

Dart says people who question his budget don't have a functioning brain and cant understand basic math let alone algebra.  Just last month Dart insulted Preckwinkle saying she sleeps in her County car all day car surrounded by numerous guards. The arrogance of this guy is off the charts. Numerous sources in the Sheriff's office say he often belittles staff at meetings.. Does this really surprise anyone?

Friday, November 3, 2017

Preckwinkle car problem? From Second City Cop.. 

Multiple Reports of carjacking's skyrocketing in Cook County. Preckwinkle once infamously proclaimed carjacking was just a property crime... Now reports of having her own car issues. Thank God it was just the County car!

Anyone hear about this?
  • [Did] CPD write out a criminal damage report for TP? Her security unit supervisor made the decision to leave her new County Suburban in front of her home overnight?? Guess the neighborhood figured it out

    7000.00 in repairs later it’s like new.
Hope that didn't come out of the anticipated Soda Tax money.

Jail Director Nneka Jones Tapia makes shocking but brutally honest admission. The jail masturbators suffer NO mental illness...

Sheriff Tom Dart appeared on Chicago Tonight with his jail warden playing the mental illness card again claiming one third of his inmates suffer from severe mental illness.  However, his jail warden (phycologist) didn't seem to get the memo.. Dr. Jones said most of the inmates committing sexual assault in the jail suffer from no apparent mental illness and are just looking to act up/create havoc. Perhaps Dr. Jones is even getting fed up with Dart and Cara Smith lies and grandstanding. Whatever the reason we admire the honesty!

7 minute mark of video in link.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sheriff Dart begs Judge Diane Larsen to deny backpay to fired Sheriff officers over the illegitimate merit board as the Teamsters file class action suit on behalf of all 3,400 union members. 

Desperation Time! After years of grandstanding/bashing the judiciary on a multitude of issues, Sheriff Tom Dart now needs their help to save his political career..

Sheriff Dart has reverted to begging a local Judge to ignore the appellate and supreme court decision thus denying back pay to fired officers after illegally constructing his merit board.  Teamsters local 700 have recently filed a class action suit challenging all the merit board decisions in the last several years. Sheriff Dart created this entire fiasco by illegally appointing John Rosalas, who admitted Dart was a personal friend. 

Teamsters file suit link.

Chicago Tribunes article link.

Breaking News. Public Defender removes staff from lockups over masturbation. 

Cook County Public Defender Bans Staff From Areas Where They Often Face Masturbation..

Cara Smith tells the Public Defenders to stop whining. Correctional staffers see a lot more masturbation than you do. 

This is the best response the Sheriff's office has to woman who are victim's of sexual assault. We have it worse!

Cara Smith, Dart’s chief policy officer, told WBEZ that Cook County is facing a budget crisis, and there isn’t enough money to assign extra deputies to lockup areas. The problem is even worse for correctional staffers, who see a lot more masturbation than public defenders do, Smith said.

Looks more like a misappropriation issue than a budget crisis!

The Sheriff's spokesman blames a budget crises for the security issues. Only problem is the Sheriff's budget has increased 178 million since Dart took office but instead of hiring deputies the sheriff added 320 administration jobs.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Former Director of IAD Raymond Zene murders his wife. Zene retired from the Sheriff's office in 2009.

Perhaps Sheriff Dart will give away the money Zene donated to his campaign to a domestic violence charity.. We all know Dart is an expert in that arena!

Zene, Raymond
14100 Hunt Club Ln
Plainfield, IL 60544
Individual Contribution
Friends of Dart
Zene, Raymond
14100 Hunt Club Ln
Plainfield, IL 60544
Individual Contribution
Friends of Dart
Zene, Raymond
14100 Hunt Club Ln

Plainfield, IL 60544
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Employer: Cook County
Individual Contribution
Friends of Dart

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Congrats Sheriff Dart you made national news again. American Thinker Headline.. Cook County Jail in Chicago is out of control.

Cook County Jail in Chicago is out of control..  Female employees/directors often subjected to circle jerks and the Sheriff awards/bribes the inmates with pizza parties. The article states the ACLU might demand the feds take over if the public defenders boycott the jail which could happen as early as next week. Nice job Dart!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Absolute trainwreck for Dart.. Public defenders office announces they will no longer enter the lockups/jail unless the Sheriff protects them from chronic masturbating inmates.

Time to resign Tommy!

As of Nov. 6th the Cook County public defenders will not enter the lockups or jail unless Tom Dart finds a "solution" to chronic masturbating inmates. No other jail in the country has this problem according to the Public defenders office and Illinois sheriff's association. Cara Smith claims the problem is the result of a few inmates who have a bizarre sense of nihilism. YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Crain's Chicago Business blasts Dart's budget. Is this any way to run a jail?

Crain's Chicago business asks how Dart's budget rose 8% in the same period his inmate population went down 30%. We would like to know that answer too! 

Is this any way to run a jail?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

North Korean propaganda News Network presents. Tom Dart cleaning up the streets of Chicago. 

Tom Dart is saving the world again. Cara Smith rips CPD for distrust in the black communities. Dart says the Sheriff is taking a different approach by cutting crime while building relationships with the community.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Massive Cover-up in the making!

 CPD Source confirmed CAD had records of a 911 call to Dart's residence. Izzo also has sources informing him the same thing but this is CPD's response. The Sheriff's officers who responded to the scene on behalf of the Sheriff should immediately document this incident. When the truth comes out a lot of heads are going to role! It's Criminal cover-up territory now.. Several hundred thousand people have heard about this on social media. Do you really think for one second Dart would let this damaging rumor harm his family/reputation continue if there is no truth to it. Do you really think the media king would not respond or threaten lawsuits to those who have reported it as fact..

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spot News Chicago tweets out Dart's wife had injuries... 

 Were told this guy is the most followed Chicago police scanner reporter. He just tweeted this out to his 55,000 Twitter followers.. 

so, how did Tom Dart's wife get a black eye? some say she obtained the shiner when Dart came home and found her in bed w/ her lover, idk

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Domestic update!

We are getting shocking information on what allegedly occurred at Dart's residence a few weeks ago. We also confirmed the Sheriff's office is getting many media inquires about this alleged Domestic incident. We are being informed by mutiple sources the Sheriff's office will not confirm or deny this incident took place.. If the information we heard today is factual, the Sheriff will almost certainly be forced to resign from office! Stay Tuned..

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Sheriff Dart does bizarre comedy sketch for the daily show. Dart says his inmates refuse to eat deep dish pizza and his pizza is best in Chicago.

Just when you thought this idiot/alleged woman abuser couldn't make a bigger mockery of the office. Brace yourselves!

Who in Dart's management staff will be fired and or suspended for the Merit Board debacle? Is Matthew Burke, Sean Heffernan, or Rosie Nolan getting fired?

Call on the FOP and Teamsters to file a Inspector General complaint demanding accountability over the Merit Board fiasco. 

Tom Dart is always preaching accountability. As taxpayers we should also demand accountability from him and his management staff. Why is the Sheriff and his management staff not held to the same standards as his officers. Below is from the comment section illustrating how sheriff's attorney Matthew Burke has been pushing to suspend and or fire numerous officers for minor infractions in many cases. The unions representing the officers seriously need to open independent IG investigations to ultimately recommend discipline to those responsible. They have all the documentation showing the aggressive prosecution of members for minor infractions. Now is the time to demand the same accountability for Dart and his exempt staff!

Comment Section. 
Tom Dart realized that the past Merit Board wasn't on the same Agenda Tom Dart was on. So Tom Dart decided to start by making Rosie Nolan the Director of the Cook County personal Department the Director of the Merit Board.Rosie Nolan was a Cocktail Waitress prior to coming to the Sheriff's Department. So Rosie gets Appointed Merit Board Director and Tom gets all his People into the Merit Board to rule in his Favor. So now the Administration at the Jail starts out by Writing up Officers, Sergeants and upper brass that works the front line of dealing with inmates Daily. Matthew Burke And other legal Advisors start Telling Superintendants to start writing up officers for anything and forward the Write ups to the legal Department. So then the legal Department starting Violating the Union Contract and the General Orders in Progressive Disciple. The legal Department by the Orders of Matthew Burke was to Slam as many officers for as many days they can. Which is now Happening Examples Sergeants Failed to report City of Chicago lights not working on California Ave (7 Days Susp.). Officer Had Urine thrown in his face and then the officer slammed the inmate against the wall (120 Day Susp). Officers were Assaulted and beaten by a few inmates in the dayroom. No force was used. But the officers beaten were give 180 day Susp for not following policy. Now for the latest A Supt had a incident in his division and wasn't present during the incident but is now facing 90 day Suspension. When asked about a order that the Legal Department uses in issuing Disciple and suspension time. They don't have any written order pertaining to progressive Disciple. So basically the Sheriff and his legal department can issue anything they want. So now all cases of seeking separation of employment are forwarded to the Merit Board Tom Dart created. So his Disciples his staff then he slams the Employees by a so called non political Merit Board to fire anyone he pleases. If are Court system operated like the way the officers are served justice at the Merit Board. There would be Protest and outrage from people

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tom Dart propaganda machine back in full force. Dart and his elite unit led by Sgt. Dion Trotter hunts down runaway teens. Dart claims he is the only police agency in the State who cares about these troubled teens. 

Dart's desperation measures! Expect a bogus Gacy story in the near future..

This was predictable after all the scandals hitting the Sheriff's office. Dart plays the self-martyr act  while belittling other police agencies.. Instead of puppies its back to the kiddies..

Warning... Clicking the below propaganda link/video will make you puke..

Monday, October 16, 2017

Merit Board member illegally appointed by Dart is NOT a lawyer and was previously employed by Coca-Cola.

Confirmed by LinkedIn profile... Dart's illegally appointed Board Member was not even an Attorney. Unbelievable!

John Rosales, who has donated $600 to Dart's campaign since 2012. Rosales said Dart is a friend. Dart appointed him in 2011.

John R. Rosales was appointed by Governor Bruce Rauner on March 16, 2015 to a four year term on the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).  

Prior to his appointment, Commissioner Rosales was the Chicago Sales Center Manager for The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Chicago, and was later promoted to Vice President of Community and Governmental Affairs for Coca-Cola Enterprises. Commissioner Rosales is also a former Director for the Olive-Harvey College South Chicago Learning Center where he managed the satellite campus located on Chicago’s southeast side, and was responsible for the overall operation of the campus, community outreach, and enrollment.

In addition, Commissioner Rosales was a Commissioner for the Cook County Merit Board from 2011 until his appointment to the ICC. As a member of the board, he was responsible for writing detailed final decisions in cases brought before him in order to adjudicate employee discipline within the Cook County Sheriff’s department Commissioner. Rosales earned his bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University. He is a resident of Chicago, an Illinois Literacy Foundation Board Member, and a member of the Azteca Lions Club.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Just a few of Tom Dart's many excuses for his grossly incompetent administration. Can you think of any more?

Comment Section..
Does Tom Dart or Cara Smith take responsibility for anything. Chronic Absenteeism-FMLA's/Union fault, Botching the Merit Board construction/Rules-Preckwinkle/Commissioners fault.........   Jail courthouse Rape/Deputies fault. Jail Disciplinary Board delays- Former Sheriff Sheahans fault. Union contract-Preckwinkle fault. 17 inmate deaths/OD's in one year-arresting agency's fault for not searching inmates. 400% increase in guard attacks-bad Judges/court delay's fault. 500% increase in Workers Comp Lawsuits/States Attorneys fault for not properly investigating claims. Jail School giving out fake diplomas/degrees-CPS fault. 25% decrease inmate population while Sheriff budget went up.-Preckwinkle fault.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sun-times Watchdogs.. Sheriff Dart allowed gang boss to reign terror on his jail for years with little disciplinary action...  Labar "Bro Man" Spann was rarely disciplined by Dart's board despite being involved in numerous attacks on guards and even death threats to staff members and their kids..

Just the tip of the iceberg...Where is the Teamsters? Once again they are quiet while the media is actually exposing Dart's jail mess. They could of buried the administration in this article but once again the are AWOL.. Another Sun-times reporter was trying to reach them without success last week (perhaps regarding this article). Seriously, where is your union dues going.. Can anyone explain why the media is unable reach the Teamsters office especially for positive press coverage. Is there really any good explanation? 

Reputed Gang Boss Labar Spann's Cook County Jail reign of terror on guards and staff.

Sound familiar! Assaults on Illinois Corrections officers up 51%.

Could you imagine the Teamsters holding a press conference highlighting this same problem at the Cook County jail. That would probably require them answering the phones first. Just saying! 

Assaults on Illinois corrections officers jumped from 541 in 2015 to a projected 819 this year, AFSCME Executive Director Roberta Lynch, surrounded by correctional officers who had suffered or witness attacks, said at a Springfield news conference.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 asserted that Gov. Bruce Rauner's campaign to reduce the prison population has meant an 18 percent drop in maximum-security prison populations.

At the same time, assaults on corrections officers jumped from 541 in 2015 to a projected 819 this year, AFSCME Executive Director Roberta Lynch, surrounded by correctional officers who had suffered or witness attacks, said at a Springfield news conference.

"Is it because ... prisons with lower security levels have lower staffing levels and cost less to operate and that far too little attention is paid to the human cost of increasing violence against staff?" Lynch asked, noting "the recurring pain, the family turmoil, the physical trauma and even the permanent disability that can occur when staff is subject to violent assaults."

Domestic Tommy pulls a Harvey Weinstein on female staffers? Second City Cop does post and the allegations are flying. 

From SCC Comment Section..

Dear exempt political hack,
 No one said anything about his wife or children, do you and the rest of the pee pee kissers ever consider the fired Officers wives and children ? Does he go home and have family talks about those"Harvey Weinstein" hugs and gropes he gives to certain female chiefs at the staff meetings, are you one of them ?Do you or any of your relatives have jobs in the dept. ? Now run and show your post to your sponsor and be sure to ask if there are any citizens for Dart tickets available. Hopefully this merit board incident will be the straw that breaks the camels back and we can get rid of Dart and sh*t like you. In the words of SCC....ASSHAT !

Since the rumors are flying, did Weinstein really cast a young Tom Dart as the Wicked Witch in the remake of the wizard of Oz. You can thank one of our drunk Mt. Carmel alumni emailers for this comparison... Good night all! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pop-Tax fallout....Underground Poll Shows Cook County Democrats in big trouble. Sheriff Tom Dart fared the best but poll still shows over half of primary voters against him..

1000 Democratic Primary Voters Sampled.. We are being informed the 11th ward ran this underground poll and we are waiting for the Commissioners results...

If election was held today for these Incumbent Cook County Democrats would you cast your vote to re-elect them?

President Preckwinkle...... .... 22% Yes, 67% No...... Undecided  11%

Assessor Joseph Berrios....... 24% Yes, 64% No..... Undecided 12%

Treasurer Maria Pappas...... 31% Yes,  58% No... Undecided  11%

Sheriff Thomas Dart.............34% Yes,  52% No... Undecided  14%

Get your yard Sign..

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Inmate escape from CCB. Quickly apprehended by officers.. 

Great job by the deputies working short-staffed..

Breaking News!!! Supreme Court shuts down Dart's appeal... 250 fired officers on verge of getting jobs back with millions owed in backpay.. Dart works desperately to try to get legislature to change the law, uphold his firings

Another Dart fuck up could potentially cost taxpayers over 40 million if the State House does not pass a bill proposed by Dart to save his own ass! Source says Madigan is going kill the bill after Dart went on a bizarre tirade against him two weeks ago. If the taxpayers have to foot this massive bill Dart's political career could officially be over says source!

Phone lines turned off at the Teamsters office?

Union dues well spent!

Below is an actually response I received yesterday from a local prominent reporter who tried to contact the Teamsters Local 700.. This reporter has in the past on numerous occasions attempted to get in contact with the Teamsters regarding guards injured in inmate attacks. He says the Teamsters never return his calls. 

Is there a union steward for the COs I can talk to? The Teamsters main office not particularly responsive to information requests.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Winning Message?

Sheriff Dart's office officially begins to crumble.... Dart announces the firing of 9 staff members the same day the Sun-times begins to investigate 17 suspicious deaths at his jail.

Update... Markham courthouse rape victim received 3.25 million dollar settlement as Dart announces the firing of 9 staff members..

We are being informed Sheriff Dart is moving to fire numerous staff members over the Markham courthouse rape the same day reporter Mary Mitchell of the Sun-Times starts investigating numerous suspicious deaths at the jail.... We are also being informed Dart is having a mental meltdown amid numerous scandals plaguing his office while getting no support from the democratic party. Dart is even having problems getting 10,000 signatures to run for re-election and has resorted to pleading for support on Facebook.  Sources say Dart is also begging for support from old allies he once backstabbed who are telling him to go pound sand. Sources also claim Mary Mitchell is good friends with Preckwinkle and expect more of Dart's scandals to be leaked to the press in the near future.. 

We are also getting reports that prominent democratic heavyweights including Burke and Madigan are working quietly behind the scenes to launch Dart from office.. One political insider tells blogger that they don't know if Acevado can win but the primary goal in to damage Dart politically.. Insider says Madigan is furious over Dart badmouthing him in article in link below.. 

Dart launches attack on Mike Madigan.. Source says Dart was angry and lashed at Madigan for refusing to back him for Attorney General run..

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Could be a political shocker says one insider! Tom Dart and Democratic office holders having problems getting signatures to get on ballot because of Soda Tax

Dart is begging for signatures on Facebook according to Crain's Chicago Business.

19th ward political insider responsible for getting numerous office holders elected says Izzo or Acevado could win if they successfully link Dart to the Soda tax. Dart's office is responsible for 40% of the tax says insider. Since 2013, the Sheriff's office has wasted over 140 million in overtime costs and patronage hiring by Dart. Insider says if Acevado links himself up with Preckwinkle or the Teamsters backing the tax he's done. The insider says the candidate who links Dart to the pop tax could pull off a political stunner.

Shocker.... Democratic office holders including Dart having problems getting signatures. Dart is begging for signatures of Facebook according to Crain's Chicago Business.

Democratic Organization precinct captains are running into something they rarely face as they pass candidate nominating petitions this fall: rejection.

The reported root of the problem is Cook County's controversial soda pop tax, which County Board President Toni Preckwinkle says is needed...She is expected to call for retaining it when she unveils her proposed fiscal 2018 budget today.

But the tax has ticked off lots of voters.

A number of them—how many depends on who you talk to—are taking it out on those circulating nominating petitions to get Preckwinkle and four other countywide candidates on the March 2018 ballot. Some people are refusing to sign.

And that's not all.

"Voters aren't just refusing to sign, they're providing their own, not-so-kind editorial opinions" about Preckwinkle and County Assessor Joe Berrios, said one Democratic ward boss who asked not to be named. "The bulk of the comments are about the pop tax and county sales tax," which Preckwinkle returned to level raised by her predecessor, Todd Stroger.

"If voters won't even consider signing a petition to allow them back on the ballot, it's clear there's a serious issue for those two incumbents right now with Dem primary voters," that source adds.

Dart has been advertising for volunteer petition passers on his Facebook page. Earlier this week he emailed supporters saying, "In order to get on the ballot we need your help circulating petitions and collecting signatures," and directing them to a sign up page.

A spokeswoman said Dart is passing both the joint petition and one for himself alone. He has done that in the past, but did not do so four years ago, she said.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Breaking News. State Rep. Edward Acevedo files paperwork to run against Dart. 

Clout heavy State Rep. backed by Toni Preckwinkle to take on Dart for Sheriff.. Have a feeling all Dart's skeletons are going to be unearthed starting with the sexual assault Dart covered up involving his former Chief of Staff...  Going to be interesting! Izzo has huge Facebook following and this guy will have money. No more free ride for Dart....

From Email Section. Blogger this is what mental illness can do to you in less than 10 years.