Friday, December 29, 2017

Dart's jail warden (phycologist) Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia out?

Rumor mill.. 

If Dr. Jones is being pushed out for poor job performance is Brad Curry and Cara Smith next? We all know Sheriff Dart blames everyone but himself for his failed leadership.. Numerous sources say Nneka was at odds with Dart for coddling the inmates and Dart's insane policy of never placing violent inmates on lockdown.

Pathetic this Sheriff is such a liberal pussy that even leftist Sun times columnist Mary Mitchell and his jail shrink wanted him to get tougher on the inmates.. It's amazing how out of control Dart's jail is with less than half the inmates that former Sheriff Sheahan dealt with. Sheriff Dart will never admit he is the problem and until he goes nothing will change!

From Comment section..

Confirmed Neka Jones is leaving March 1.

I guess Neka Jones knows Tommy is a Retarded dick. She is Jumping ship from tommy and taking a job at the State. Best wishes.

Mt. Carmel High School fires legendary football coach Frank Lenti in dishonorable fashion.

Know this is bit off topic but worth mentioning. Coach Frank Lenti has the record for most wins of any football coach in Illinois State history. Mt. Carmel publically announced that Lenti was retiring today which was not actually true .. Just hours later Lenti said he was being pushed out/fired. Jordan Lynch was named as Lenti's replacement. 

When I read this article it reminded me of the way Dart recently gave pink slips to the Commanders at the jail with no respect (walking them out like criminals).. Many of them were members of the military who honorable served their country and the Sheriff's office for decades.  The way Mt. Carmel handled this illustrates their really is no old school loyalty anymore. Leave it to Dart's alma mater to really handle this in such a disgraceful way.
Lenti, a 1969 Mount Carmel graduate, has won 374 games and 11 state championships. He led the Caravan to a record 11 consecutive Catholic League championships and six Prep Bowl titles. Lenti is the winningest football coach in state history, he was hired in 1984.
Lynch, Lenti’s replacement, is a 2009 Mount Carmel graduate and a former Heisman Trophy finalist. He was previously an assistant coach for running backs at Northern Illinois.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Acevedo campaign taking one from the old democratic playbook?

It this is true, that is some funny shit. 

I wish the girl that was walking with Acevedo petitions would post how Dart went down the block after her screaming for going to his door. Word is his wife answered the intercom and after hearing what it was about giggled. Interesting, Dart you can get mad but chasing a high school/college student for exercising her right to promote her candidate. Probably didn’t even know it was Dart’s House. Amazingly a Dart neighbor saw the whole thing.

Dart says his well-funded opponent is looking to undo all his accomplishments.

Usually when your in office for 12 years you can at least conjure up a few accomplishments. Sheriff Dart put this out on Facebook and got only one nasty response. Dart has 4,694 followers but half the comments on his page are negative.. It appears Dart is just as popular on Facebook as he is with his own wife these days!

Statement from Sheriff Dart.. 
I'm honored by the many thousands of you who knocked on doors, made calls and sacrificed your weekends to help procure enough signatures to get our campaign back on the ballot for re-election. The ongoing support for our cause means the world to my family(yeah right) and me.
Now we look ahead to election day, where we'll be facing a well-funded opponent looking to undo all the progress we've made in reforming the criminal justice system. If you'd be willing to make a modest contribution, it will help ensure we have the resources to fight back. Thank you!

One Response..

Jim Badali How about evicting my tenant that has not paid rent since September, your laws are putting me in foreclosure !!!!

Message handed at Daley Center a few months ago by activist group making some very serious allegations against Dart..

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Thanks Senator Bill Cunningham and Sheriff Dart for flooding our communities with criminals..

From Comment Section..

I went to my Community Village meeting last week. I live in a Suburb that is only 3 Square Miles. I have been going to these meeting for 20 yrs Everyone knows Everyone. some of the People were Questioning the rise of Theft and house Break in. We had 496 Theft and house Break ins. The people asked the Police Chief why is this going on. He stated that they are Arresting Criminals and doing their job. But States Attorney Kim Foxx doesn't charge the Criminals. The Police Chief then pointed his finger at me and stated that I was a Cook County Sheriff. He asked me how many inmates are in the Jail. I Stated 6000.He ask how many Divisions are there and how many are closed due to the Sheriff and States Attorney. I told the people that According to Tom Dart Criminals Breaking into Homes, Car Theft, Retail Theft, Simple Assault are Considered NON VOILET OFFENSES. I told them that Tom Dart has had his buddy Rep.Cunningham introduce the Rocket Docket Program and Changed the Bail laws to let everyone as mentioned Non Violent Offenders out in the streets to Continue their Crim Sprees. I told then that some Criminals have been Arrested 20,30 up 75 times and they still are walking the Streets. The people at the meeting were Shocked by what I told them. I told This was Preckwinkle, Kim Foxx and Tom Dart doing this and that's why we are seeing the crime go up. I also told them that we have 500 to 600 Criminals on Electronic Monitoring that cant be found due to Tom Dart not enforcing the laws. These people were so pissed off. I also do political work in my Suburb and will be printing a letter with the Crime Stats and printing the facts of Tom Dart not protecting the safety of citizens. People need to know what's going on. The Police Chief also stated that some of the Criminals his Department has arrested have been arrested over 20 times. But they are considered Non Violent offenses and in most cases the Charges are dropped. PEOPLE WERE SO PISSED.

Blog Administrator.

Sheriff Dart has 24hr. protection but we have to fend for ourselves.. State Senator Bill Cunningham sponsored Rocket Docket legislation that flooded our communities with thousands of violent offenders. Cunningham a decade ago stated that he would rather place inmates in tents than release them into the communities ( when the jail population was over 13,000).. Now Cunningham is seeking higher office and could care less about the safety of the citizens in his own district.. Carjacking's and other serious crimes are up 1300% in the Cunningham's District (in and around the 19th ward). Other smaller areas like the above mentioned are also seeing unprecedented crime waves. When are we going to start voting these self-serving politicians out of office. 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Numerous sources claim there is tagged Body-Camera footage of the infamous Domestic.

I'm posting this cause this is probably the 100th time we have heard this.. We were informed last month a high ranking member of the office announced this as fact at roll call.  If there really is tagged body-cam footage of the domestic the campaigns need to begin FOIA lawsuits immediately. Were also informed most supervisors can access these videos.. Perhaps someone who is about to get a pink slip can capture it on their cell phone (hint hint)..  

Central warrants PO “accidentally” left his camera on. The on scene SP boss told everyone to turn them off but it was too late. There IS footage in the cloud of Tommy’s old lady holding an ice pack on her face. Working on obtaining that as we speak but is no easy task..

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas from Sheriff Dart.. Pink slips out by January 5th!

Anywhere else on the planet other than Cook County, Dart would be in a jail cell!

Several Hundred Million dollars misappropriated..

Were being informed pink slips are going out to sworn staff by January 5th.. Lets take a look at how Dart has completely destroyed this department.. Dart's inmate population is down over 40% but somehow his budget continues to increase.. However, despite an increase in funding he has cut over 600 sworn officer positions since taking office.. 

Numbers before the 2018 projected layoffs..

Sheriff Tom Dart has already managed to cut 602 officer positions (despite his budget increasing 140 million) since taking office in 2006.. 

Sheriff Tom Dart began his command as Cook County Sheriff with 3 directors.
Two terms later he added over 250 directors with some being associates of political allies and some being personal associates with combined salaries at over 22 million dollars per year, and this is sent out to the county personnel.

Sheriff Tom Dart's budget has increased 124 million (inflation considered 41 million) since he took office in 2006. The Sheriff added 68 Shakman exempt positions while eliminating 602 full time predominately officer positions in the last decade. Records indicate the Sheriff has been incredibly reckless with budget decisions, resulting in 600+ less officers providing valuable resources and protection to the citizens of Cook County.  Records also indicate that Sheriff has had more than sufficient funding to keep staffing at standard/safe levels but inexplicably chose not to do so!

2006 Sheriff Budget:: $388,872,980.00
2016 Sheriff Budget:: $513,351,967.00   

Elimination of 602 Jobs..
 Sheriff office 2006:: 7,306 full time positions.
Sheriff office 2016::  6,704 full time positions.

Political Hiring..
Exempt Positions 2006:: 176 positions
Exempt Positions 2016:: 244 positions.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Was Sheriff Tom Dart a Conservative at one time? Candidate Tom Dart says he's tired of the media portraying Cook County inmates as a bunch of boy scouts while adding I wish you could reform these people but that just doesn't happen.

What a phony this guy is! Who is the real Tom Dart?

Then candidate Tom Dart says it drives him crazy that the media is constantly portraying Cook County inmates as a bunch of boy scouts. Dart doesn't end there, he later goes on to say that "these people" cannot be reformed and continue to go on to lives of a crime. 

The self-proclaimed progressive Sheriff sounded more like Sheriff Arpaio in newly discovered video when he was running for office.. We have received tips that this guy actually portrayed himself as a conservative when it was politically advantageous early in his career.. It was almost hard to believe until this video surfaced!!

Play at 5 minute mark of video.. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Cook County jail population hits all time low. Just in last two months 2000 felons were I-bonded and 140 of them committed new violent acts while Dart's spokesman says this is a great thing!

The Cook County jail population hits all time all time low... Cara Smith says since Chief Evans and Dart's intuitive to ask defendants what they can afford pay is working out great. 140 of the 2000 felons given get out of jail free card have gone on to commit new criminal acts just in last few months. But Cara Smith says this just a small price to pay to create a more fair criminal justice system.

Blogger. I guess the most logical question is why Cara Smith and Tom Dart cant keep the jail safe having seven thousands fewer inmates than former Sheriff Sheahan/O'Grady. Not to mention literally releasing thousands of violent criminals back onto the streets of Chicago plaguing the communities.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cara Smith says the Sheriff will be handing out more pink slips because of the Merit Board ruling...

Cara Smith warns of Armageddon over the Merit Board fiasco.. Warns of more pink slips to allow "bad apples" to return to work... Smith says some of the bad officers court ordered back to work were even accused of domestic violence (ironic right)... Smith is now shockingly claiming Dart is NOT responsible for the Merit Board problems. Smith claims the Merit Board issues began under Dart's predecessor decades ago.

Hey Cara, perhaps you shouldn't use domestic violence as an example of bad officers given Dart's recent issues. Also, Dart's predecessor Michael Sheahan has been out of office for 12 years.. Get a new target and start taking some responsibility for your own actions..

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Media cant quite figure out Dart's motive in putting out bizarre memo questioning the certification of 1700+ officers hired by him... Lawyers representing fired officers say Dart is trying to stir up the Rank and File.

Appears the Sun-times is scrolling our blog again..

Legal expert interviewed by the Sun-times claims officers hired by Dart are certified police officers with arrest powers despite the merit board mess.... 

Dart's desperation/potential motive...
Cara Smith is now arguing if officers are not certified by the merit board, they are at-will employees with no right to request disciplinary hearings by the merit board. 

(Recently, a number of lawsuits seeking back pay and reinstatement have been filed by former employees who were terminated for serious misconduct. 
These lawsuits follow a decision rendered in Percy Taylor v. Dart, et al., 13 CH 26319, which challenged the appointment of a Merit Board member, arguing that his appointment was in error and therefore any actions taken by the board during his tenure were void. We strongly disagree with this argument, but accept the court's ruling and have passed legislation to clarify the authority of this office to fill vacancies as they occur on the Merit Board. The Merit Board will be fully constituted, pursuant to P.A. 100-562, at today's County Board meeting. 

Unfortunately, while the lawsuits are focused only on the Merit Board's authority to terminate or impose serious discipline, they have necessarily called into question the validity of all employees certified from at least October, 2005, to the present, which includes the certifications of at least 1,700 correctional officers. We have sought an opinion from the State's Attorney's Office on this critical question.

These lawsuits are extremely unfortunate and brought by former employees who violated the public's trust and their oath to serve and protect. We will continue to defend this office and the county against these claims and to do all we can to support and protect the hardworking men and women of our office.  

Sun-Times weighs in.
Sheriff Dart's memo on merit board riles Deputies..

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sheriff Dart allegedly sends out email questioning the certification of 1700+ officers hired under his unlawfully constructed merit board.

From Comment Section..

 I was again sitting at my desk tonight. So again I opened my County Email and I noticed that the Administration Sent Another Email. So I opened the Email and started reading the Memo. Basically it started about Fired Officers getting their Jobs back because a Fraud Merit Board Created Tom Dart. Ok what ever I thought. But then I started reading further and Tom Dart basically stated that he was Questioning the Fraud Merit Board he Created. He is now Saying that anyone Hired, Promoted within the Time he has been Sheriff maybe subjected to being not Certified for hire or Law Enforcement. This includes Correctional Department, Court Service Deputies, And Sheriff Police. Ok. So after Talking to a Lawyer Friend he asked me to send the Email to him. He looked at the Email and stated he cant believe that Tom Dart would ever come out with such a statement about his Department .He stated that Lawyers will come out in Full Force and file Thousands of Law suits Against Tom Dart for Committing Fraud. Falsely Arresting people since 2005 to Present clearly knowing that his Sworn Staff were not Certified by the Merit Board. This Lawyer stated he wanted to research this further and was going to Contact a Civil Rights Law Firm to further look into this Matter. He stated that This could be bigger then Jon Burge Lawsuits. I'm also Forwarding the Email to the US Justice Dept. Tom Dart I really think you fucked up bad this time. Your time as County Cook Sheriff is a Fraud. I'm hoping that this leads to you not only being Fired by the Taxpayer and Voters. But I hope it leads to you being sent to Federal Prison and Sentenced to a long time away from your family.

Here is the Email Tom Dart sent to the entire staff within the Sheriff's Department.

(Recently, a number of lawsuits seeking back pay and reinstatement have been filed by former employees who were terminated for serious misconduct. 

These lawsuits follow a decision rendered in Percy Taylor v. Dart, et al., 13 CH 26319, which challenged the appointment of a Merit Board member, arguing that his appointment was in error and therefore any actions taken by the board during his tenure were void. We strongly disagree with this argument, but accept the court's ruling and have passed legislation to clarify the authority of this office to fill vacancies as they occur on the Merit Board. The Merit Board will be fully constituted, pursuant to P.A. 100-562, at today's County Board meeting. 

Unfortunately, while the lawsuits are focused only on the Merit Board's authority to terminate or impose serious discipline, they have necessarily called into question the validity of all employees certified from at least October, 2005, to the present, which includes the certifications of at least 1,700 correctional officers. We have sought an opinion from the State's Attorney's Office on this critical question.

These lawsuits are extremely unfortunate and brought by former employees who violated the public's trust and their oath to serve and protect. We will continue to defend this office and the county against these claims and to do all we can to support and protect the hardworking men and women of our office.

Sheriff candidate Eddie Acevedo hints something damaging is coming out on Sheriff Dart that will set campaign into an "eruption"...

SHERIFF: Tom Dart has held the job since 2006, and I think would dearly like to move up and out – like maybe governor or mayor. In 2018, he’ll have to settle for just staying put. Every day, with more than 2,000 employees and correction officers and close to 10,000 jail inmates, the possibility of some misdeed is enormous. Former State Representative Eddie Acevedo expects that there will be some “eruption” before the March 20 primary, and is opposing Dart. Acevedo is Mexican-American, and has a base in the Southwest Side 21st Ward; he was a legislator for 20 years, a Chicago police officer for 21 years, and a sheriff’s police sergeant for 5 years. Unfortunately for Acevedo, Dart’s reputation appears to be unsullied. “There will be something” before March 20, Acevedo predicted to me

We don't know what could be more damaging then a domestic battery cover-up.. What else could Acevedo possibly have?

Open Post..

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Brent Lewandowski, Employee of the Cook County Pension Fund is really making hard working officers lives difficult. Must be a Dart plant!

If you get a serious health condition, better think twice about taking any time off... The Cook County Pension fund is denying and or delaying many officers claims. Some officers have lost everything fighting for only 50% of their pay.  

We hearing many horror stories of officers filing ordinary disability claims with the Cook County Pension Board.  Many of these officers have serious medical conditions and are having no issues getting approval from the Cook County doctor. The nightmare begins when these claims hit the pension fund for approval.. Brent Lewandowski is the name that keeps coming up on officers disability claims hitting a roadblock at the pension fund..  Lewandowski is allegedly the supervisor that reviews the claims and submits them to the board for approval.

This officer wished to remain anonymous because of possible litigation against Lewandowski made some shocking claims...

The officer had numerous doctors sign off on his disability claim for many health issues.. Lewandowski delayed his disability for months and demanded to see his clinical psychiatric notes.. When the officer called the pension fund, Lewandowski read the officers clinical psychiatric notes over the phone (reading the officers clinical therapy notes about PTSD and major depressive disorder)... Lewandowski informed the officer that a FOP representative called the fund and yelled at his "girls" in the office... Lewandowski stated if that happens again he will not approve anyone from the FOP.. This  officer is now having more issues with the pension fund who has already delayed his continuation of benefits by months. The officer has not been paid for five months..  The officer informed us he is filing with the EEOC against Lewandowski and the fund... 

This is just one of many startling accusations against Lewandowski and the Cook County Pension fund. My obvious question is why on earth should anyone's clinical psychiatric notes end up in the hands of Lewandowski or anyone at the pension fund? Then Lewandowski threatens to take it out on all FOP members cause someone allegedly yelled at "his girls" over the phone. This guys actions are unbelievable and is going to initiate lawsuits that WE will end up paying for.. 

We are going to begin FOIA investigations into the Pension Fund Members. Why is their salaries not public record? When are they up for election? Who is elected and who is appointed? This blog reaches 12,000 daily viewers of predominantly Cook County employees. I think its time we start voting these people out!

The Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees:
John E. Fitzgerald, President
Patrick J. McFadden, Vice-President
Diahann Goode, Secretary
Robert DeGraff
Andrew Jatico
Bill Kouruklis
Joseph Nevius
Dennis White
Lawrence L. Wilson, CPA

This guy Brent Lewandowski use to wear the blue uniform and now is a plant for the Dart administration at the pension fund who appears to get his rocks off harassing officers... Does anyone know if this guy is related to Lewandowski that is a political hack director for Dart?


Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's official, the Cook County jail is more dangerous then a third world prison. Now reports of two inmate deaths and multiple officers injured over the weekend.

Just another weekend in Dart's out of control jail!

From comment section.. Can anyone confirm? 

BREAKING NEWS. Inmate in Div.11 hung Himself. Another Inmate Killed himself by Overdose in Div 4. Both Deaths happened this weekend at the Jail. Then we have a Sergeant Beaten and rushed out by CFD to the hospital. Then there wasn't many Inmate on Inmate Fights this weekend. That is only with 6200 Inmates in the Jail. We didn't have that much Drama when we had 12,000 Inmates. Im sure Monday Morning all the Directors will Huddle together and watch the Videos for hours and then Call Cara Smith to try and Spin the Story to the Media blaming Officers.

Also hot of the press read about Sheriff Dart's pal Brent Lewandowski at the Cook County pension fund harassing officers.

Reports of another inmate attack on officers tonight in the jail.

A jail in the United States where lawyers refuse to enter and attacks on officers are almost a daily occurrence... Reports of more officers injured today while doing their jobs. 

Nice Jail!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Officers reportedly get notified of layoffs.

Just in time for the holidays. Dart destroying more officers lives!

On friday the 8th,the sgts. received an email that the department is supposed to demote 16 Lt's and therefore eliminating the lowest 16 sgts. from their spots. The notices may come out next week.

Finally a politician speaking the truth!

 Alderman Matt O'Shea goes off on Kim Foxx and Judges after paroled felon shoots Chicago Police officer.. O'Shea needs to also mention Preckwinkle, Dart, and Bill Cunningham who have emptied the jail and flooded the streets with criminals.. Rocket Docket and other liberal initiatives pushed through the legislature by Cunningham/Dart have destroyed once peaceful communities...

Finally a politician in Chicago speaking the truth.. Thank you, Alderman O'Shea...

Video link.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cubs fan go figure!. Peter Hill charged with aggravated DUI for striking Sheriff's police officers with his car.

This might actually be good news for Sheriff's officers. This guy was allegedly drinking at Medina Country Club before the wreck. What are the odds of getting hit in Chicago by an insured  driver who also may have deep pockets. Cha-Ching!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

While Judge Evans fights for his employees jobs, Sheriff Dart sends out an email. This after treating his laid off employees like criminals..

Hey Sheriff, did it take you an entire two minutes to write this?  Did Cara Smith tell you to at least send an email cause that would be the politically correct thing to do... Even your jail psychiatrist said in the training class you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. And if your curious, it was the guy with the tattoos not the fake phycologists running the jail. This was a real doctor! 

Comment Section..

As I sat down in my office today and started drinking my Coffee I said I'm going to check the County Email. So I opened the county Email and noticed that the Administration sent a Email. So I open the Email. Here is what the Email stated from Tom Dart.(Good evening,  

As you are aware, due to cuts made to our budget by the County Board President and County Commissioners, some of our staff had to be laid off. I fought the layoffs and I will continue to work to bring laid off employees back into positions as they become available. I will provide you with regular updates on budget matters and on my efforts to ensure the integrity of our mission and the safety of our staff and those we serve. Again, thank you for your dedication and commitment to public safety. Please be safe.

Sheriff Tom Dart). After reading the Email I sat back in my chair and thought what a fucking no good scumbag piece of shit Tom Dart is. This statement was full of lies and bullshit. He didn't do shit for sworn staff being fired. He had Personal call each sworn member up to personal and one by one fired them like they were shitbags. He ordered other sworn staff to escort them off the Compound like they were Criminals. He didn't give a fuck about how long they worked at the Jail. He didn't give a fuck about their Families or that most were Military Veterans that served this Country along with serving the Public as sworn staff for many years. He protected the People like the Directors that are never around when some shit goes down in the Jail or Court Services. Tom Dart you lied in that statement. It took you two weeks to come out with this statement after you fired your staff and treated them like they are Criminals. Tom Dart there isn't any Sworn staff that trust you or your Administration. Timothy Evan is all over the about filing Lawsuits to Protect his staff that are being Laided off. He won for now in the Lawsuit. But you never even wrote a letter and did anything to save your Sworn long term Employees. So this little bull shit letter you Emailed everyone today is just that Bullshit. So getting back to me working today as I left my Office I was walking down the Tunnel and guess what I see. Its the Director of Yoga walking in the Tunnel. I thought at that point fuck it I'm getting far away from her because Court Returns were also coming down the tunnel and if one of the Inmates Whip out their Cocks and talked shit to her I would have to do something and if I Didn't she would write me up her not protecting her. So I turned around and walked away. ITS A SAD DAY FOR SWORN STAFF IN THE JAIL. Tom you won.

Two Sheriff's officers injured in accident on Jane Addams.

Cara Smith is saying the officers sustained no major injuries.. We pray Cara Smith is telling the truth cause the crash looked horrific.. It's a shame we cant believe anything coming out of the Sheriff's communication office. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Officers injured in courtroom attack.

Officers and inmate reportedly injured in courtroom attack at 111th St... Were being informed the felony courtroom didn't even have a male deputy assigned because of short staffing. Were also being informed people in courtroom rushed the inmate. The inmate and a Sgt. are reportedly recovering in the hospital...

Attorney Dana Kurtz escorts Dixie Rios to her work assignment while blasting the Sheriff's office for political retaliation. Ironically, the very same day the clouted Markham courthouse Superintendent returns to work unscathed by the courthouse rape.

Clout Rules!
Superintendent Boyd who was in command of Markham courthouse when the lockup rape occurred was shockingly returned to his work assignment today. However, as many as nine officers are being recommended terminated by the Sheriff but nothing happens to the guy in charge of the building?  But Cara Smith assures the public no politics is played in the Sheriff office.. 

A Cook County Sheriff’s officer returned to work on Monday, after a judge reversed a personnel board’s decision to fire her in 2014. Attorney Dana Kurtz, who filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of officers disciplined or fired during that time, said Sheriff Tom Dart “thinks he is above the law and has operated this illegal board for years, since 2007, in an effort to play politics with hiring at the Sheriff’s department.”

“In too many cases, he has fired good officers on trumped up charges, and conducted bumbling, and slipshod investigations against officers he did not think supported him politically or those that complained about illegal conduct, including sexual harassment, by top ranking members of his command staff,” she said. “Hundreds have lost their jobs and been defamed because of politics and for retaliatory and discriminatory reasons.”

Hey Dana, start looking into the officers railroaded over the courthouse rape at Markham. Ask a certain OPR investigator (Former Evergreen Park Cop) why he pressured office staff to falsely say Superintendent Boyd was NOT in the building when the rape occurred. Why was office staff pressured into lying for the clouted Superintendent? Why were unclouded officers disciplined who were not even assigned to the area where the rape occurred.. More questions than answers. 

Attorney Dana Kurtz escorts Dixie Rios to her work assignment. Dana Kurtz has literally earned millions of dollars thanks to Sheriff Tom Dart's numerous follies.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Article stating Sheriff Dart has reduced Chicago South Side shootings by 50% gets pulled. Why?

Update. Sheriff Dart and Cara Smith get caught in another lie as article containing numerous false statistics gets yanked.. Luckily Second City Cop got the information before it was pulled.

Huffington Post published article today claiming shootings in Chicago's South Side is miraculously down 50%... Dart was quoted claiming he personally developed a tracking system and a unique community intervention program in Dist 6. The headline of the article stated criminals better be careful cause the Sheriff is in town (funny right).. It appears the article was so full of B.S. that even the Huffington Post pulled it.