Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Breaking... Dart opts out of attorney general race..

Chicken-shit Tommy once again uses his kids as an excuse not to seek higher office. Dart is afraid to run for anything unless the office is handed to him. Cara Smith, a Madigan lackey says Dart wants to spend more time with his kids. Sound familiar! 

A spokeswoman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Dart will not be running for Attorney General, citing family reasons. Dart has five children and the oldest is a junior in high school. Dart also has things he still wants to accomplish as sheriff.


Dart actually seeking a real criminal. 

Cook County Sheriff is seeking the Public's help in capturing man who allegedly kidnapped and assaulted woman. I truly cant recall another time where Dart was publically searching for a real criminal. Wonder if this guy will qualify for Sheriff E.M release if caught.  


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Inmates were drunk on a daily basis and frequently masturbated in the classroom. CPS Report says..

Just when you thought the cheating was the only scandal..

The entire CPS Inspector report details how out of control the jail has become under Sheriff Tom Dart. The inmates who showed up to class were drunk, frequently masturbated openly in the classroom, and even sexually assaulted classroom staff members. The Sheriff rarely took disciplinary action against these inmates according to the report.. If Dart had any dignity he would immediately resign from office!

Tommy Dart's Jail handed out bogus diploma/credits to inmates like candy. The only thing surprising about this is the media covered it..

Credit Mill according to Chicago Public Schools IG..

Tom Dart claims he had concerns fraud was going on but never reported it to anyone. Is there not a G/O that states you have to report wrongdoing or a crime? Its time we open an Inspector General investigation into the Sheriff for violating his own General Orders?  How many officers has Dart fired for violating this specific G/O? One inmate who died in a car crash after release was still accruing credit hours after his death.. Others inmates who never attended class were given credits. If this was a suburban white high school it would be national news. Watch how fast this huge scandal is buried by the Chicago press..


Micheal Bloomberg will spend whatever it takes to keep Preckwinkle in office..

An interesting article published yesterday might ensure Tom Dart will remain in the Sheriff's office for at least another term. Sources say Dart has almost completely ruled out running for Mayor cause of fundraising problems and Rahm's unlimited money/resources... Dart was telling insiders he was strongly considering running against a wounded Preckwinkle but this news may change things.. Preckwinkle now has a mega backer worth an estimated 53 Billion in her corner. Dart has never had the guts to run for anything unless the office was handed to him. We may see the same broken record play again where the Sheriff uses his kids as an excuse to rule out higher office..  Sheriff Dart claims he wont seek higher office to make time for his kids but then tells everyone he works 15 hours a day which makes zero sense. The fact is Dart is a coward which is bad news for the department who might have to deal with him another 4 years..


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Extended workouts and meals says Cara Smith.

They took extended workouts. OH NO!

Cara Smith detailed to the press what the deputies who allegedly falsified timesheets were doing. The Sheriff is accusing 13 officers of logging a total of 85 hours of fraudulent time. That comes out to about 6.5 hours of time per officer, or under a minute a day in the time frame the Sheriff was investigating them. Now they are claiming the majority of the officers allegedly took extended workouts/meals according to Cara Smith. Not one is accused of skipping work or doing something nefarious on duty.. One thing is for certain, this is not a massive time fraud case as Dart has been advertising to the public. This is appearing to be witch-hunt from a ruthless ambitious Sheriff who will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal of Mayor or County Board President. There has also been numerous sources informing us that Tom Dart's management staff frequently take extended lunches at Hog Wild in Midlothian. We have been informed that some of them stationed in the jail have been spotted at Hog Wild over 40 miles from their work assignment. But the one hour lunch rule doesn't appear to apply to Dart's donors or politicos with clout!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Breaking News...Dart seeking termination of 13 CCB deputies for allegedly padding about 6 hours of time over a two year period.

Dart's Motto. One officers life ruined at a time!

13 officers may lose their jobs for allegedly stealing on average of 6.5 hours of time each over a two year period... This was the conclusion of the "extensive' investigation led by Dana Wright's hand picked investigator that ironically was the King of ghost payrolling himself at Markham for years. According to the Sheriff's office, 13 officers padded about 85 hours of total time.. Another 35 officers are facing 30-60 day suspensions.

Hopefully, the merit board doesn't ruin these officers lives over a few hours. Tom Dart has declared war on his employees and is using them as a stepping stone for higher office. I hope the merit board sees this for the witchhunt it is.


Dart uses his media contacts to blame Preckwinkle for the jail mess!

Dart must smell blood in the water.

Dart's internal memos blame Preckwinkle for all the absenteeism problems at the jail. Dart claims Preckwinkle gave up to much to the guards in the new jail contract. Dart wants to make it publically clear that he despises his employees and the absenteeism issues at the jail are out of his control due to Preckwinkle and Democratic controlled unions. Dart is probably the most calculating backstabbing politician on the planet. Just as Preckwinkles poll numbers tank, Dart sticks the knife in her back while blasting his own employees in a sick political game.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Drug sniffing-dog attacks officer at jail.

The Tom Dart clown show circus act continues!

Officer was attacked/injured by drug-sniffing K-9 dog today in division 9 today. While the officer was still recovering in the hospital the Sheriff's office blaming him for the attack. Cara Smith claims the officer was told not to enter the area where the dog was searching. Sounds like another CYA moment for a dysfunctional office looking to minimize the future litigation by blaming the officer..


Inmate commits suicide..

Inmate in division 9 charged with attempted murder committed suicide yesterday. Surely the administration will try to blame the officers in memory of Dart's beloved criminals who was just about to turn his life around.

Monday, September 4, 2017



Deputy injured in courthouse escape as subject is soon recaptured.

Cook County detainee facing misdemeanor charge of simple battery escapes court and is now charged with multiple felonies. Did anyone let this honor student know that unless your charged with murder, you wont do any time in Cook County. Hell, even murderers have a shot to be released on E.M. by Dart.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Yet another guard reportedly seriously injured in inmate attack. Call on Dart to release the video.

Why is a candidate for Cook County Sheriff more effective publically exposing what's really going on in Dart's jail than the union who is paid to represent the guards?  Dominick Izzo has accomplished more for the guards in six months than the Teamsters have in the last 6 years.  

Source Dominick Izzo, Candidate for Cook County Sheriff.

Sheriff Tom Dart,

Will you be releasing the video to the media of the Officer who was transported to the hospital on Friday night, after an inmate shoved a handful of feces in his face and then repeatedly punched him, causing facial and spinal injuries? Or does that not fit your narrative on how half of the inmates of Cook County should not be there?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dart selectively releases video that shows inmate take on 20+ officers.

The Sheriff's office only releases the videos that appear to show adequate manpower. They bury the hundreds of other videos of officers being attacked working short-staffed. Why isn't the Teamsters demanding they release all the videos?

This video of an unruly inmate perfectly illustrates officers looking foolish because they are afraid to properly do their jobs. Dart should really be embarrassed this is happening at his jail!

Big political donor says Dart is frustrated higher office doors are closing! Dart thinks run against Preckwinkle may be his only option..

A major political donor to Sheriff Tom Dart is telling 19th ward insiders that the Sheriff is extremely 'frustrated' in his options in seeking higher office. The donor says Dart is considering County Board President as his only viable option. The source says Dart had political operative Joe Trippi run an underground poll against Emanuel and Preckwinkle. Source claims the Sheriff won both polls but is very concerned Emanuel would bury him with ads/money. Dart also considered running for Governor until JB Pritzker announced a run with an unlimited war chest. The source says Dart wants out of the Sheriff's office badly and a County Board Presidency run might be his only option..

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Evergreen Park Police accuses Sheriff officer of using racial slurs during DUI arrest.  

Sheriff moves to fire officer who allegedly used racial slurs while being charged with DUI by Evergreen Park Police. Not justifying the 24yr veteran of the Sheriff's office actions, but EP Police are generally speaking a bunch of clowns who think they are the real police.

Look no further than the former Lieutenant from EP who now is a director at OPR. Probably the biggest head hunter in OPR unless he's covering up for the clouted as he did for the Superintendent at Markham over the rape incident. But that's a story for another day!

D/S Roy Brown allegedly said to the EP officer (FUCK YOU WHITEY) during his arrest. However, the audio/video tape of the arrest does not confirm this. The EP officer also testified that D/S Brown kicked his door open but the video evidence showed he opened the door with his hand. The Sheriff Merit Board gave D/S Brown a 120 suspension despite the Sheriff seeking his termination.

Read entire ruling..

Friday, August 25, 2017

Sheriff Dart "closes" and then re-opens investigation twice into Lansing Police officer accused in high profile case...

Two months ago Sheriff Dart investigators clears Lansing police officer of wrongdoing and just hours later decide to re-open investigation after media pressure inquires.. If you thought that made the Sheriff look foolish, he just did it again this week... Monday Sheriff communications Director Cara Smith told the Tribune the Sheriff was closing the case again in lieu of insufficient evidence and of being unable to reach witnesses. Then yesterday Dart announces the investigation is back on again...One thing is for sure this Lansing cop is never going to be convicted of anything..  The Chief investigator announcing publically now two times there is insufficient evidence of any crime! This once again illustrates how truly inept and dysfunctional Dart's office is.. 


Original Post.

Fix is in?
Dart's spokesperson, Cara Smith said there was "insufficient evidence" to pursue investigation of Lansing police officer accused of roughing up teenager on his lawn in alleged racial incident that gained national media attention..

The Sheriff said they interviewed witnesses, reviewed police reports, and video evidence while concluding the officer did nothing wrong. Then just hours after media inquires, the Sheriff is re-opening the case..

Inside scoop..
Lansing Police asked the Sheriff to investigate this case last month.. Dart initially denied taking the investigation until the media made inquires to his office.. Lansing sources claim the Sheriff just decided to take the case last week. The Sheriff closed the investigation within days and cleared the police officer of wrongdoing. But wait!! Now he's reopening it again..

The actually version of events.

The off-duty officer was accused of choking a Black teenager on his lawn..  Initial press reports excluded these facts! The entire incident began when a group of black teens allegedly jumped a white teen on the officers lawn.

Officials added that the off-duty officer told them that he discovered a backpack containing "a baseball hat and a realistic looking bb gun" in his backyard. The officer eventually encountered the white teen who was bleeding from his face.. The fight ended before officers arrived at the scene, according to the police statement. But officials said they saw about 30 juveniles in the area

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Reports of two more guards hospitalized in inmate attack!

Two more Cook County Officers were transported to the hospital after being viciously attacked by an inmate, today.

It was reported that it took 7 officers to control the scene; this being another indication that officers are not being allowed to the job correctly, protect themselves or the inmates.
Your vote must reflect that you will no longer tolerate this.

Source. Izzo for Sheriff.

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Reformer" Sheriff Dart takes on union benefits after he inherited millions from exploited organized labor!

Blogger.  Tommy wants to screw over the little guy but ironically his lobbyist brother profits off of unions/organized labor. Not to mention his father made millions as a bag man for old man Daley running organized labor patronage machine. Tommy didn't mind pocketing the inheritance of that crooked money after his family fought like hillbillies over the loot. .  But now as the almighty self-proclaimed Democratic reformer he wants to stick it to the low level union worker. Fuck You!!

Teamsters team up with Preckwinkle to wage war on "anti-union" Sheriff Dart..

As Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle defends her controversial soda-pop tax as a vital prop for key county programs, one of the county's top unions is bragging about all the good things Preckwinkle is giving its members in a new contract.

In a memo to members, Teamsters Union Local 700, which represents 3,500 guards and other security personnel at the county jail and some staffers in the Clerk of the Circuit Court's office, specifically thanks Preckwinkle for items including a new payment for attending roll call, lifting a cap on use of personal time, a raised uniform allowance and expanded shift differentials, a $1,200-per-person signing bonus and, most notably, a zero percent hike in health care premiums at a time when workers all over the country are being asked to pay more.

The same letter dings County Sheriff Tom Dart for trying to put limits on use of medical leave time that Dart has asserted is abused and ends up costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year in unnecessary overtime.

Preckwinkle's team "was very fair in how they negotiated with the union and we thank her," says the memo (which you can read in full at the bottom of this post). "The sheriff wanted more items....These things were rejected by the negotiating team."

Potentially the most costly tweaks, though, are changes in family medical leave that Dart wanted but which were not obtained in the proposed contract.

Under current rules, a guard who has been certified as being hurt on the job can take off with pay as much as 12 weeks a year, in increments as small as a single day. That allows workers to mix days in which they worked and days in which they were on medical leave for payroll and overtime purposes. Dart, a Democrat, wanted to ban overtime unless a person actually had worked 80 hours in a two-week payroll period, according to a source close to the matter. But that among other things didn't make it into the proposed contract.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

This Sheriff's officer should be given an accommodation for not knocking this guy out!

Thanks to the anti-police rhetoric from politicians including our own Sheriff, the public has become more emboldened than ever to taunt the police and try to provoke a reaction.. This Sheriff cop should be commended for not taking the bait!

"Ghetto News Network" thanks the Sheriff for patrolling the streets of Chicago

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Video captures subject dumping loaded weapon in garbage can at Cook County Jail.

Man charged with bringing loaded handgun into the Cook County Jail.

A prisoner is facing a new charge after he dumped a handgun in a trash can before being processed at the Cook County Jail, authorities said.

Quentin Jones, 25, was booked into the jail at 9:20 a.m. Sunday on domestic battery and criminal damage to property charges, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

Link to video that allegedly shows Jones dumping gun in trash..

Suit. Cook County Jail visitor claims white guard repeatedly sexually harassed her and then retaliated against her fiancée (inmate) when she rejected his sexual advances..

Tom Dart spokesman says the Sheriff is seeking the termination of this white officer who apparently had a thing for big booty black women!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cook County Jail on Lockdown after gun found..

Check Back for updates.. A loaded gun was found in receiving/intake today.. The jail still remains on lockdown..

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shots fired at Sheriff’s officer in Ford Heights.

We are being told a Sheriff’s officer was shot at in Ford Heights yesterday. Thank God the officer was not hit.. Stay Safe!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Breaking news!!! Check your tickets. 393 Million dollar lottery ticket sold in Palos Heights at Nick's Barbecue ..

The winning Mega Millions ticket in the Friday drawing, worth $393 million, was sold in south west suburban Palos Heights. It was the fifth largest jackpot in the game's 15-year history.

The lucky ticket was sold at Nick's Barbecue, 12658 South Harlem Avenue in Palos Heights, and Nick's is estimated to receive $500,000 for selling the ticket.

Sheriff Dart and Chuck Goudie outraged a woman who violated probation for the second time had to give birth behind bars. They even insinuate Judge Nicholas Ford broke the law..

The most lawless Sheriff in American History!

A woman violates her probation/issued a warrant for the second time and the Sheriff calls it a travesty of justice and immediately demands the States Attorney issue an I-Bond.  They even shockingly claim the Judge may have broken the law.. 

A Cook County judge is facing heat for keeping a pregnant woman behind bars in a non-violent case, the I-Team has learned. The woman had to deliver her baby while in custody.

Now there are accusations the judge broke the law in the case and violated an order from court officials.

Karen Padilla, 25, of Chicago went into labor a month into her stay at the Cook County jail after being locked up without bond for a non-violent probation violation.

Padilla was 7 1/2 months pregnant when she was pulled over for a broken headlight while driving in June. A that time Chicago police arrested her on an outstanding warrant for violating probation a second time for a 2015 retail theft.

Cook County judge Nicholas Ford ordered no bond for the woman and set a court date for two months later, essentially handing the pregnant Padilla a 60 day sentence.

Legal experts told the I-Team Judge Ford violated a law that requires bond hearings to be held within 14 days. They say he also violated an order by the county chief judge that requires judicial review of bail within two days of an arrest.

After the baby was born, sheriff's officials worked with prosecutors to get Padilla released on an I-bond.

"I think we can never forget that real people's lives are impacted by the decisions that the system makes" said Smith. "It should be about justice and doing what's right for someone based on the facts and circumstances of their case."


Friday, August 11, 2017

Woman sues Cook County after being raped by subject on EM..Lawsuit says Sheriff Dart publically gloated about increasing EM/reducing jail population just days after the woman was brutally raped!

The suit also names the manufacturer of the EM bracelets claiming officers are not properly trained to interpret data from the device. The subject who allegedly committed the home invasion/rape was missing for more than four hours "undetected" according to the suit..


Most disgraceful Sheriff ever!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Truly unbelievable!!! Dart to open Daycare center in Jail. 

News was slow and we predicted a Dart puppy rescue story was in the horizon.. It turned out to be a Daycare center in the jail for the "kids".. This is no joke!

 Video Link...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


News has been very slow. Did Preckwinkle put the muzzle on Dart? We predict a Dart puppy rescue in the near future.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Judge rules Sheriff violated FOIA again!

Dart has over 100 lawyers on his payroll and they cant even get this right!

A Cook County judge has ruled that the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the county itself violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in a case brought against them by a legal intern, the Edgar County Watchdogs (ECW) report.

Judge Franklin Valderrama ordered the two entities to pay $5,000 in attorney fees and penalties, the ECW said on its Illinois Leaks website.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cant make this up! Preckwinkle blames the IRMA for guard lay-offs, files frivoulus Lawsuit...

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is suing the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, claiming the one-month delay in implementing the soda tax has caused $17 million in damages.

The penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks started Wednesday, adding a penny per ounce to the price of most bottled and fountain drinks in Cook County.

The tax was on hold for a month after a judge granted a temporary restraining order. It was expected to bring in $68 million through the end of 2017. To fill the hole created by the 30-day delay, Preckwinkle ordered 10 percent cuts across the board.

Those cuts led to the Cook County Sheriff's Office laying off 300 people, mostly corrections officers, who they hope they will be able to call back.

Translation.. Is Toni and Tommy NOT bringing back the guards if they lose this frivolous suit? Not one of Dart's 270 political hires was effected and lets blame the IRMA.... Welcome to Crook County!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tommy and Rahm's Sanctuary...Family of woman murdered by Illegal alien files suit!

Just last month Director of ICE testified that the Cook County Sheriff wont even allow ICE agents into the jail to interview/deport violent criminal illegals. Sheriff Dart recently objected to immigration officers patrolling streets of Chicago. Dart says ICE agents should not be allowed to identify themselves as police officers..

Illegal alien with extensive criminal history finds sanctuary in Cook County.. Brutally rapes and murders his neighbor. 

Bulmaro Mejia-Maya somehow found sanctuary in Cook County despite his violent past... He was arrested in May 2012 for stabbing a man during a fight at a house party near Orlando. He was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon but eventually pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery.

Meija is also the subject of an active arrest warrant in Utah for failing to appear in court after a May 2016 arrest on misdemeanor drug charges, the Daily Herald said.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tom Dart and Dorothy Brown team up to let "poor" defendants out of jail.. 

The Circus act continues!

Dart and Brown pushing for a panel at all bond hearings to determine if the Defendant can afford bail. Even defendants who miss mandatory meetings with parole officers will be freed!

Video in link. Must see just for the comedic effect. Dart and Brown compete for the bewildering hair style award.


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sheriff Officer Paul E. Cox files ARDC complaint against Sheriff/Attorney Tom Dart.

Sheriff Officer Paul E. Cox compliant to the ARDC/ (Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission)... 

My request for an investigation of Attorney Thomas. J. Dart (Sheriff of Cook County) centers on his misconduct as it concerns the administration of workers compensation benefits. Sheriff Dart has through the machinations of the bureaucracy has used intimidation, coercion and threats both (implicit and explicit) to deny and delay treatment for officers injured on duty. 

Tiers with no officers... Where is the Teamsters?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tom Dart now training inmates to administer dangerous opioid drug. Ohio Sheriff call this idea crazy!

Dart is now handing out drugs to inmates who leave the County jail. What could go wrong? 

When one of these junkies overdoses you think the family is going to think twice about suing whoever has the deepest pockets.  If you are a C/O and ordered to hand this drug out, remember that is an unlawful order. 

Naloxone has had mixed reviews in many case studies. In can cause severe violent reaction's and withdraw symptoms. Ohio Sheriff said he would never give out this drug because of the side effects and danger it would create for staff.. But once again, Sheriff Dart is putting his staff/public in danger to pander and grandstand on another issue! Not to mention the liability on Cook County/taxpayer with the Sheriff handing out drugs to unqualified medical personnel.  

Naloxone can also cause:
These require emergency help.
Naloxone puts a person into withdrawal. He may:
  • throw up
  • shake fiercely
  • sweat

Friday, July 28, 2017

Breaking News. Cook County Judge Daniel Kubasiak clears soda tax.

Cook County Judge Daniel Kubasiak cleared the path Friday for Cook County's penny-per-ounce soda tax to take effect.

Kubasiak initially sided with opponents of the tax because of hardships placed on consumers seeking refunds if the law was found to be unconstitutional. He granted a restraining order June 30 to prevent implementation of the tax.

He said Friday, however, that there's nothing constitutionally that prevents implementation of the tax and the exercise of the county's home rule powers. He said the tax "provides a person of ordinary intelligence a reasonable opportunity to understand what is required" and is "sufficiently detailed and specific to preclude arbitrary enforcement."

There is no word yet on when the tax would go into effect.

Blogger. No word yet if the laid off employees/recruits will be hired back! Check back for updates..

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Former Cook County Commissioner Bobbie Steele pension increases 20,000 in four years. 

Bobbie Steele Cook County Employees $182,773 20 12/1/2006 2017
Bobbie Steele Cook County Employees $177,449 20 2016
Bobbie Steele Cook County Employees $167,263 20 12/1/2006 2014
Bobbie Steele Cook County Employees $162,391 20 12/1/2006 2013

Former Cook County Commissioner Bobbie Steele pension has increased more than $20,000 in the last four years. She has already collected nearly 1.8 million from the pension fund while only contributing a total of $159,000 in her short 20 year career. Steele was president of the board for less than six months after old man Stroger suffered a stroke. Her pension doubled and the Cook County pension board never objected or filed a lawsuit. Her annual pension has gone up 46k since her retirement date in 2006. A report last year claims the Cook County pension fund has 15 billion in liabilities and will be completely bankrupt within 12 years.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dart playing a sick twisted game of Russian roulette to prove a point to Preckwinkle. 

Dart cuts shift overtime at the jail leaving officers in grave danger.

This undeniably proves Dart has never cared for his officers safety but was only concerned about liability on him. Preckwinkle in a radio interview last week, suggested Dart cut 150 political positions. Dart ignored that suggestion and only cut officer/recruit positions.  Now Dart is playing a sick game of Russian roulette with Preckwinkle using his officers as bait.

We strongly suggest the Teamsters file a Inspector General complaint against Sheriff Dart using the Presidents own words that Dart has been extremely reckless with his budget decisions placing its members in danger. You now have the President of Cook County alleging publically what we have all been saying for years in private. The Cook County IG would certainly have to take that compliant very seriously.

Cook County pension fund liability is 15.3 billion according to "more realistic" accounting standards. If new accounting standards projection is correct the CC pension fund is in big trouble ..

Cook County Pension Liability Skyrockets from $6 to $15 Billion.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

President Preckwinkle calls Dart reckless to cut recruits when her office recommended he cut "managers"..

President Preckwinkle threatens to cut political positions if Dart doesn't immediately comply with the 10% cuts. 

She said her office initially recommended Dart cut 152 'manager' positions but he chose to cut guards which she called reckless. Preckwinkle calls Dart's budget extremely bloated and questioned why the Sheriff added 100 political positions to his budget while cutting officer positions. 

Link to interview.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Breaking News! 300 Cook County Employees laid off today..

Cuts to the Sheriff Office have not been finalized yet says Cara Smith..

The Toll.. 22 State's Attorney's , 69 Public Defenders, and unknown number of Sheriff employees..

Developing.. Check Back for Updates!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dart claims Preckwinkle is laying off his Personal Secretary..

Sheriff Dart looking into whether Preckwinkle has legal authority to dictate what positions he cuts from his budget. Dart also claimed the President's office specifically eliminated the position of his Personal Secretary. Were trying figure out who exactly Dart's Secretary is considering he has over 250 political hires on his payroll. Any Guess?

Link to Interview (6 Minute Mark).

Garry Mccarthy says he is being encourged to run for Sheriff but "not considering it right now"..

Sneed Gossip..


Dart warns of Armageddon if his half-billion dollar budget is cut.. Former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan somehow managed with 150 million less in funding and 4,000 more inmates.

Sheriff Tom Dart: Budget-Related Layoffs Would ‘Devastate’ Office..

Cook County must lay off 1,100 employees – which could include almost 400 jail workers.
That was the word from County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Tuesday after a court upheld an order blocking a new sugary beverage tax. The county was relying on that tax to help fill a budget gap.

Layoffs are set to start next week. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office, which makes up 41 percent of the county budget, is in line to be hard-hit. Preckwinkle’s office is calling for 925 layoffs out of about 6,000 employees – some 17 percent of the sheriff’s workforce.

“I don’t know any company in the world that could be told, listen, you have two weeks to lay off 17 percent of your workforce,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said. “I can’t open all those courthouses. … I won’t be able to get people back and forth to court. I won’t be able to watch them. I just got out of a 40-year-old consent decree because of all the things we’ve done, including having enough staff. Where do you start? This is not good.”

Dart says that his staff head count is actually smaller than it was when he took office 10 years ago (yes, he eliminated 600 officers while adding 250 directors) and his office has proposed layoff alternatives to Preckwinkle’s staff, including furlough days for upper-level employees, holding off on hiring open positions, and closing down branch courtrooms he says are underused. So far, the president’s office has stuck by its call for layoffs.

Dart also warns that lockdowns at the Cook County Jail – already a problem because of staff absences – are likely happen more often. And his office is concerned it might have to cut back or eliminate substance abuse and mental health programs in the jail.

If the layoffs do go through, Dart says his office is heading into uncharted territory.
“This was not something that was telegraphed to us,” Dart said. “We had no way to plan for this.”
Sheriff Dart joins host Phil Ponce for a conversation.

Blogger . Sheriff Dart's budget reduction of 17% would cut the Sheriff's budget to 417 million annually.. That's roughly the same amount allocated to former Sheriff Sheahan if you take inflation into consideration. However, Sheahan didn't reduce his workforce (officers) by 1700 positions. So where is the funding going Sheriff?  


Local 700 celebrates the career of recently indicted Teamsters boss accused of stealing union dues.. How nice!

Muslim woman given probation after brutally murdering her baby. Tom Dart office labeled her mentally ill and treated her for depression before placing her on Electronic Monitoring.

Muslim woman given probation after brutally murdering her baby. Tom Dart office labeled her mentally ill and treated her for depression before placing her on Electronic Monitoring. Sheriff Dart initiated a unit to investigate Muslim "hate crimes" after the election of President Trump. In Sheriff Dart's mind, placing a picture of Jesus in front of a Mosque is a more egregious act than throwing a baby to her death from a high rise building.

Woman admits to dropping baby to death in Uptown, gets probation.

A woman who dropped her newborn baby to her death from a high-rise apartment after hiding her pregnancy from her parents in 2015 has been sentenced to probation, according to court records.

Mubashra Uddin, 20, on Thursday pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter of a family member before Cook County Judge Carol Howard and was sentenced to four years' probation, according to court records. The infant, Baby Jane Uddin in official documents, was found in the grass outside a high-rise in the 800 block of West Eastwood Avenue about 11:45 p.m. Nov. 11, 2015, and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital about an hour later.

A man found the baby bloody but still breathing and asked security at the building to call 911, prosecutors said at the time. The man wrapped the baby in shirts and went back to his own home and retrieved two baby blankets for the girl, then waited for paramedics to arrive.
The girl suffered complex skull fractures, a fractured spine, a broken left shoulder, fractured left and right ribs and a lacerated aorta, as well as damage to other internal organs, prosecutors have said.

Uddin received treatment for depression in Cook County Jail, according to Sheppard and was placed on Electronic Monitoring after 602 days..

Tom Dart's unqualified staff (clinical social workers) are labeling half the inmate population mentally ill and the defense attorneys are using this "diagnosis" to get reduced sentences. Cook County Judge Carol Howard and Sheriff Tom Dart should both be removed from office!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Update.. Preckwinkle fires back at Sun-Times and Sheriff Dart.... Vows to monitor Dart's future budget decisions.

Update. Preckwinkle fires back at Dart and his pals at the Sun-times. Preckwinkle says she has no authority to control how Dart allocates his budget and she vows to "work" with Dart to find meaningful savings in his budget. Translation... Queen Toni is pissed and is going to keep a watchful eye on all Dart's future budget moves..

Link.. Preckwinkle shoots back!

Dart office contacted Sneed (Sun-times) using anonymous sources to level blame at Preckwinkle for the budget proposed layoffs. Source says Preckwinkle is furious.

Sun-times Editorial Board blames Preckwinkle for layoffs without even mentioning Sheriff Dart's reckless top heavy budget.

Link to Dart's Budget..
Sheriff Tom Dart threatens 925 layoffs after misappropriating millions.. 

Sun-Times Editorial Board..
If hundreds are thrown out of work, the blame is on Preckwinkle

It is unconscionable that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has threatened layoffs in 925 positions this summer if a judge does not allow a tax on sweet beverages to take effect by August. The tax was unpopular with the public and its legality is untested. It is not, as of yet, a reliable source of revenue, and it is unfair to tie the job security of hundreds of employees to its success. They deserve better.

The monthly dividend check to Tom Dart is in the mail. Sources says there is more relatives than just Mark Brown of times reporters on Dart's payroll..

In the interest of full disclosure, my wife recently took a job with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in a policy role. But I plan to keep writing about county government when appropriate. Mark Brown.. Sun-times.

Before they were famous. Queen Toni and TV Tommy..

Sheriff Dart abruptly cancels Corrections Officer Academy Class just one month after federal mandate ends..

These recruits have gone through a vigorous hiring process, paid for uniforms and equipment, only to be told the funding is washed up.. Sheriff Dart has squandered hundreds of millions on political hiring and grandstanding ventures to bolster his political profile. His annual budget (513 million) has gone up 140 million (41 million inflation considered), since he took office in 2006. In that same time period he cut 602 deputy Sheriff positions. Now just one month after federal oversight/mandated hiring at jail he is canceling all hiring indefinitely. There seriously needs to be a line-by-line federal probe into his budget.. The taxpayers deserve accountability!!

We regret to inform you that the Cook County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer Academy Class scheduled to start on Monday, July 24, 2017, will not be able to commence on that date.

Late last week, the Cook County President’s Office informed the Cook County Sheriff’s Office that it must eliminate several positions and/or significantly reduce its overall budget. Unfortunately, due to these unexpected county-wide budget cuts, we will not be able to start a new Academy Class at this time. We do not yet know when the budget will allow us to schedule a new start date for another Academy Class.

You will have first priority for the next Cook County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer Academy Class, contingent on your successful completion of the new employee orientation session, the background check and drug testing.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office appreciates your interest in the position of Correctional Officer as well as the time you have invested in this process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we hope to work with you in the near future.

Please feel free to contact Fendley Douge, Director with the Bureau of Human Resources for the Cook County Sheriff's Office at (773) 674-4354 with any additional questions or concerns.

Line-By-Line investigation into the Sheriff's budget request!

Sheriff Tom Dart's budget has increased 124 million (inflation considered 41 million) since he took office in 2006. The Sheriff added 68 Shakman exempt positions while eliminating 602 full time predominately officer positions in the last decade. Records indicate the Sheriff has been incredibly reckless with budget decisions, resulting in 600+ less officers providing valuable resources and protection to the citizens of Cook County.  Records also indicate that Sheriff has had more than sufficient funding to keep staffing at standard/safe levels but inexplicably chose not to do so!

2006 Sheriff Budget:: $388,872,980.00
2016 Sheriff Budget:: $513,351,967.00   

Elimination of 602 Jobs..
 Sheriff office 2006:: 7,306 full time positions.
Sheriff office 2016::  6,704 full time positions.

Political Hiring..
Exempt Positions 2006:: 176 positions
Exempt Positions 2016:: 244 positions.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lansing Police department asking Tom Dart to investigate cop in high profile case... Update.. This entire incident began when a group of black teens severely beat a white teen on the officers lawn. Just a small fact the media first omitted..

Tom Dart still pondering whether his office is going to investigate this Lansing officer. Now the facts show the entire incident began in an apparent hate crime when black teens jumped a white kid and "severely beat him"..  Why isn't Dart investigating that?

Officials added that the off-duty officer told them that he discovered a backpack containing "a baseball hat and a realistic looking bb gun" in his backyard.

The officer eventually encountered the white teen who was bleeding from his face, police said.

The fight ended before officers arrived at the scene, according to the police statement. But officials said they saw about 30 juveniles in the area.

Original Post..

TV Tommy wants to play Inspector General of all the towns. Now Lansing wants him to investigate this witch hunt..

Numerous teenagers were brawling on this officers lawn. The officer held one of teens for police after finding a BB gun and other weapons on his lawn in a gym bag. Now the officer is caught up in a PC firestorm and Tom Dart is going to investigate the incident.. This officer is fucked!. .


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sheriff Tom Dart threatens 925 layoffs after misappropriating millions..

Sheriff Tom Dart has already managed to cut 602 officer positions (despite his budget increasing 140 million) since taking office in 2006..  After misappropriating several hundred million dollars the Sheriff is claiming he is compelled to lay off 17% of his workforce if the soda tax is shot down by the courts..

Sheriff Tom Dart began his command as Cook County Sheriff with 3 directors.
Two terms later he added over 250 directors with some being associates of political allies and some being personal associates with combined salaries at over 22 million dollars per year, and this is sent out to the county personnel.

Sheriff Tom Dart's budget has increased 124 million (inflation considered 41 million) since he took office in 2006. The Sheriff added 68 Shakman exempt positions while eliminating 602 full time predominately officer positions in the last decade. Records indicate the Sheriff has been incredibly reckless with budget decisions, resulting in 600+ less officers providing valuable resources and protection to the citizens of Cook County.  Records also indicate that Sheriff has had more than sufficient funding to keep staffing at standard/safe levels but inexplicably chose not to do so!

2006 Sheriff Budget:: $388,872,980.00
2016 Sheriff Budget:: $513,351,967.00   

Elimination of 602 Jobs..
 Sheriff office 2006:: 7,306 full time positions.
Sheriff office 2016::  6,704 full time positions.

Political Hiring..
Exempt Positions 2006:: 176 positions
Exempt Positions 2016:: 244 positions.

Now comes the threat of another 925 layoffs excluding the 244 political hires of course!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sheriff Dart first in nation to allow inmates to vote in-person. What could go wrong!

Dart registered 1200 inmates to vote in the 2016 election although Illinois law prohibits it!

In 2005 Illinois amended a law that disqualified people in jail from voting. But legal experts say the law is ambiguous and could lead to voter disenfranchisement because it doesn’t spell out procedures for inmates to register and vote.

Cara Smith, Sheriff Tom Dart’s chief policy officer, said the county jail has had an extensive absentee voting process for quite some time. The sheriff’s office sends inmates’ names to the clerk’s office, which determines who is registered to vote and who is eligible to vote. Then officials send voting packets to the inmates. But in-person voting represents “the next evolution to that commitment,” she said.

Blogger.. The circus act continues. Now Tom Dart and Cara Smith are pandering to a news outlet with a long history of anti-police rhetoric.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

It's a miracle! Only 17% of Dart's inmates Self-Identify as mentally ill..

17% of the jail inmates Self-Identify as mentally ill this week. Notice when Dart's paid exempt hacks are off for holiday weekends the mentally ill population plummets. They are not around to manipulate the numbers to increase funding. The truly sad part is the legitimately mentally ill inmates are often neglected cause the majority of resources are giving to those who are not mentally ill..

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Exclusive.. Investigation into Cook County Sheriff's Budget.. Sheriff Tom Dart's Budget has increased $124,478,987.00 since 2006.. In that same time period he eliminated 602 full time positions from the Sheriff's office..

Federal inquiry please!

Sheriff Tom Dart's budget has increased 124 million (inflation considered 41 million) since he took office in 2006. The Sheriff added 68 Shakman exempt positions while eliminating 602 full time predominately officer positions in the last decade. Records indicate the Sheriff has been incredibly reckless with budget decisions, resulting in 600+ less officers providing valuable resources and protection to the citizens of Cook County.  Records also indicate that Sheriff has had more than sufficient funding to keep staffing at standard/safe levels but inexplicably chose not to do so!

2006 Sheriff Budget:: $388,872,980.00
2016 Sheriff Budget:: $513,351,967.00   

Elimination of 602 Jobs..
 Sheriff office 2006:: 7,306 full time positions.
Sheriff office 2016::  6,704 full time positions.

Political Hiring..
Exempt Positions 2006:: 176 positions
Exempt Positions 2016:: 244 positions.

Lock him up!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Tom Dart's little person lobbyist brother paid millions by UBER for political favors/influence..


Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia seeks Divine intervention as attacks on staff are up 300% on her watch!

While another one of her officers sits in the hospital in critical condition, the Cook County jail warden preaches bible verses for the Sun-times..

Jail Warden Nneka Jones Tapia. "I think God is around us all". Hopefully, God is around numerous officers who need reconstructive surgery because of her/Dart's policies.. When you have inmates who attacked staff on numerous occasions and you still refuse to place them on lockdown, you are complicit just as the attackers on your staff.. Stop the pandering and do the right thing!