Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dart "I can make my employees lives tricky."

Dart brags about harassing his employees by "making their lives tricky."  The Cook County Sheriffs Office has the highest suicide rate in the nation and this jerk is bragging about harassing his employees!!   15 minute mark of video..

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This inmate has attacked numerous staff and punched a female officer but Dart still refuses to place him on lockdown.. Dart says his "child has more common sense" on solitary confinement that other sheriffs!! Oh really,, then why are attacks on staff up 325%...

Sheriff allows street brawls outside his courthouses.. Officers ordered to stand down!

We have been hearing rumors of numerous brawls outside the Cook County courthouses/jail where the short staffed deputy division has not had the manpower to respond.. Officers are also being ordered to stand down out of fear of getting in trouble by Dart's overzealous OPR..

When  granny appeals her property taxes at the Courthouse this is awaits her!!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Dart fires another military veteran but somehow his clouted neighbor keeps job despite 55 pending investigations!!

Sgt. Robert O’Neill took a leave of absence from the Chicago Police Department to run the fugitive warrant unit for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in 2012, months after City Hall paid $700,000 to settle a lawsuit accusing Chicago cops of being part of a scheme to extort money and steal drugs from drug dealers. O’Neill was among the defendants because he supervised accused officers.
O’Neill, 47, who’d been the subject of 55 disciplinary complaints, got a five-day suspension fo...r allowing his officers to conduct unsupervised searches in which they failed to inventory all seized items.

“To my knowledge, we were not aware of disciplinary issues with him at the time he was hired,” says Cara Smith, Dart’s policy chief. “We believed his background and experience would be helpful as we tried to completely reform our warrants division.”

O’Neill, paid more than $106,000 last year, has made nine campaign contributions to Dart totaling nearly $4,000 since 2010, including $900 the year he went on Dart’s payroll, records show.
A top aide to Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says “we were not aware of disciplinary issues” involving the sheriff’s former neighbor Robert O’Neill “at the time he was hired.”

| Sun-Times files
He was once a neighbor of Dart in Mount Greenwood. He and his wife moved to a $932,000 home in Orland Park while on leave from his Chicago job, records show. After the Sun-Times first asked about O’Neill, then-Interim Supt. John Escalante refused to extend his leave of absence last fall, and O’Neill “retired.”

The clouted neighbor of Dart keeps his job with 55 Internal Affair's complaints but this military veteran obviously suffering from PTSD is fired by Dart's Merit Board ...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dart Targets Minorities for Profit!

Tom Dart's office has collected nearly 16 million in admin-tow fees off predominately Hispanic and African Americans in past several years. The Sheriff charged a $500.00 tow fee for every car impounded for suspended D/L. Source in the Sheriff's office said these numbers were obtained in a FOIA request.. Source also said the Sheriff's office confiscated over 2000 cars for failure to pay these fees, many of which were poor citizens in the Ford Heights area. The practice was ended  only after it was announced Dart was contemplating a mayoral run in 2016... 

Dart's office refused to give a Racial breakdown of drivers charged this fee in FOIA request.. What is he hiding?
FY2007    from  8-Mar-2007  $1,413,100.00
FY2008  $2,188,000.00
FY2009  $1,741,492.00
FY2010  $1,632,820.00
FY2011  $1,620,001.00
FY2012  $1,563,000.00
FY2013  $1,340,500.00
FY2014  $1,693,923.87
FY2015  $1,769,590.41
FY2016  $550,000.01
FY2017   through  4 - April -2017  $73,565.00

Dart Pizza Show on Ellen Degeneres!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Chef Johnathan," in for armed robbery will serve pizzas at the courthouses!

“We’re teaching skills to make them more marketable when they get out of here,” Dart said.

Rapper/Repeat Gun offender cuts EM bracelet in live video. Just weeks later "riding dirty" on Chicago streets with semi automatic weapons..

Rapper Rico Reckless mocks the judicial system/ Tom Dart's Electronic Monitoring program. Cuts up EM bracelet live on Youtube. He was in County on gun charges/aggravated fleeing of the police and of course ended up on EM..

Cuts up EM bracelet..

Does radio interviews from Cook County Jail.

Another middle finger to the judicial system..