Friday, June 30, 2017

Tom Dart's little person lobbyist brother paid millions by UBER for political favors/influence..

Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia seeks Divine intervention as attacks on staff are up 300% on her watch!

While another one of her officers sits in the hospital in critical condition, the Cook County jail warden preaches bible verses for the Sun-times..

Jail Warden Nneka Jones Tapia. "I think God is around us all". Hopefully, God is around numerous officers who need reconstructive surgery because of her/Dart's policies.. When you have inmates who attacked staff on numerous occasions and you still refuse to place them on lockdown, you are complicit just as the attackers on your staff.. Stop the pandering and do the right thing!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Serious but non-life threatening" Dart downplays another brutal attack on one of his officers..

Inmate charged in brutal attack that left Corrections officer fighting for his life in the hospital..  Sheriff Dart's office inexplicably minimizes the officers very serious injures.

Chicago Tribune Breaking News Link..

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another guard brutally attacked by inmate reportedly in very serious condition.

Teamsters are eerily silent as yet another guard is hospitalized in inmate attack! I really don't even know what to say anymore.  Never ends!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

This sounds like a familiar story. Cook County inmate attacks guard at Kendall County Jail!

The Cook County Jail population is at historic low levels but the Sheriff continues to pay other jails to handle his problem children. At least Dart is wise enough to realize he sucks at his job!

An inmate being held in the Kendall County Jail who is from Chicago has been charged for allegedly hitting a Kendall County Corrections Deputy several times at the jail in Yorkville on Monday morning.

The Kendall County Sheriff's Office has identified the inmate as 26 year-old Aaron Jackson of Chicago, who is being held in the Kendall County Jail on seven counts of Public Indecency for incidents that occurred in Cook County.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Open Post..

Dart/OPR placing numerous officers on "no contact order" with inmate without any due process!

Can Dart/OPR legally just pull an officer from duty and place him in no contact with inmates without any explanation of wrongdoing or due process? We are hearing horror stories of some officers being pulled from their assignments who have not even been accused of excessive force. Why is the Teamsters letting them get away with this crap..

Friday, June 23, 2017

Dart sends in the troops to 'reduce' Chicago crime. Dart PR machine in full gear!

Cook County Sheriff Supplements CPD in 9th Ward, 'Crime Goes Down', Alderman Says

This guy Dart sends out more BS propaganda than North Korean Dictator
Kim Jong-in...  He just forgets to mention he flooded the streets with thousands of violent criminals through EM an Rocket Docket .

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Director of ICE says the Cook County Sheriff is one of worse offenders in harboring Illegal Alien Criminals!

Source says just last week an Illegal Alien in Chicago (Little Village) brutally murdered an infant beating the 3 year child to death with a belt... Source claims this guy had prior stints at Cook County for previous Domestic Battery Charges.. If the system worked and the Sheriff did his job, this child would be alive today! Thanks Dart.. 

ICE Associate Director testifying to Congress!

“We’re asking for their cooperation,” said Matthew Albence, executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Mr. Albence singled out the Chicago area as one of the most prominent sanctuaries.
“Chicago is a large one. We haven’t been able to get into the Cook County Jail for a long time,” he said.

Dick Durbin says Chicago and other sanctuary cities are too 'poor' to help feds enforce immigration law.

He insisted that Chicago and Cook County are eager to keep serious criminals and other gang members out of their communities but said it’s up to the federal government to fund the training he said local authorities need.

“Please help us. Send us some resources,” Mr. Durbin said.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dart reportedly places ( No Bond) Murder suspect in Sheriff's furlough/EM release program... 

Comment Section..

Isn't there a female that committed a murder...on EM?

2017-0606001 Kennedy, Keanna K 07/12/1985
BK Female 505 212
Booked Date 06/06/2017 DIV17-SFFP-SFFP-General
720 ILCS 5/9-1(a)(1)

Next Court Date Court House Location
06/26/2017 Markham

Isn't SFFP the furlough program aka EM? I may be wrong because I don't work for the county.

Blogger.. When we researched the Sheriff's SFFP program we got this..

Sheriff’s Female Furlough Program (SFFP)

Sheriff’s Female Furlough Program , or female day-reporting program, allows for female participants to leave the jail, on electronic monitoring, and report to the program daily for treatment and case management services, returning to their homes each evening to care for their families. They participate in drug substance abuse/mental health, job training and effective parenting classes.

Transition Planning and Aftercare (intensive case management) is developed prior to discharge of each participant and is critical for the successful progression of a SFFP participant's reintegration into the community. A phase system was developed to address individual participant needs.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Open Post...

Breaking News..Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele Dead at 55.

Teamsters respond to three more attacks on officers just in last few days!

Teamsters local 700 responds to three more attacks on officers just in last few days!

John Kass mocks Tom Dart on his radio podcast, telling Dart he wont be Mayor!

John Kass invites 'his pal' Tom Dart on his radio show only to mock his ambitions for higher office. Kass bluntly tells Dart "I don't see you as a viable candidate for Mayor anymore".. OUCH!!

Link to Podcast..

As it turns out Tom Dart is afraid of the ballerina!

Woman claims the Sheriff 'terrorized' her in 14 month stint in Jail for 'simple domestic dispute'....

Woman claims she was given a 250,000 bond for Domestic Battery with no prior criminal history. All the liberal sites are running this obviously fake news story.  The bullshit meter just exploded!

My name is Lavette Mayes, and I spent 14 months in Cook County Jail, from March of 2015 to May of 2016. My bond was $250,000, requiring $25,000 to walk. I didn't have a criminal record: This was my first time being arrested. Before this, I was just a person that was happy to be alive. I have two kids, a son that's seven and a daughter that's 16. Until I was arrested, we had lived together for their entire lives. They never had to deal with me going anywhere before this.

In March of 2015, I was in a domestic dispute. After the incident, I was taken away in an ambulance. I was hurt and I remember hugging my children and telling them everything would be fine. When I got to the hospital, the police were there, and they told me that no one could see me. "Why?" I asked. "These are my kids, and that's my sister." They told me I couldn't see anyone until after I talked to the detectives.

Detectives took me to bond court on March 15, which took a whole day. I was woken up at six o'clock that morning and didn't see a judge until one o'clock that afternoon. When I came in, there were maybe 115 women standing in line, waiting to go in front of the judge. After being processed, they sent us in three at a time. They told us to come in with our hands behind our backs and to not say anything. They said, "The prosecutor and the defense will speak and then they will assess your bond."

The person in front of me went up before the judge, and everything was said real fast. I couldn't even understand the words they were saying. Between the three of us, we were standing there maybe 60 seconds. Then I went up. I remember them passing the judge a sheet of paper. The prosecutor said a few words, then the defense said a few words, and then the judge said "bail set at $250,000 with EM [electronic monitoring]." As I was getting processed, I was thinking that I was going home on electronic monitoring, and that I wouldn't have to post a bond since I was going to be on electronic monitoring. Two days later, my attorney informed me that I had to pay $25,000 just to get home on electronic monitoring. All the time that I'd worked, my 45 years of life, everything was wiped out in 20 seconds. Over 45 years on Earth and not even a second to account for every year of my life. I quickly found that you are guilty until you are proven innocent.

I couldn't understand how the bond was assessed so high. I had no background, and I was in an altercation. No one could give me an answer. I didn't know anything about bond or jail until I was put in this situation. I thought people were assessed with reasonable bonds, paid them, and then walked out.

In March of 2016, I found out about a new organization called the Chicago Community Bond Fund (CCBF). I didn't know if they would help me, but I knew they were paying people's bonds. I mailed their information out to my sister and she called. After going through their process, my sister called me back saying that they'd pay my bond. My family was ecstatic. My family put up $2,000 and CCBF posted the remaining $7,500.

My bond was paid, but my incarceration was prolonged. I was hospitalized due to my medical condition and had to have surgery. It baffled me that I couldn't be released because I had a medical condition. I waited until I was cleared by the doctors, and then I was brought home on electronic monitoring.

The entire time I was at Cook County Jail, all I could think about was my kids. Two days after I got home, my attorney from CGLA got me an emergency hearing so I could see them. The judge gave me custody of my kids for two weeks. After not having seen them for 14 months, I was overwhelmed to be with them. My son just cried and held me, while my daughter was in shock and didn't know what to do. Every time she saw me, she would ask if I was here to stay or if they were coming back to get me. It was heart-wrenching. Knowing I was on electronic monitoring, my kids lived in a constant state of fear and knew at any moment that I could be snatched away from them. It was hard for them to just let their guards down. They were always asking if they were going to come and get me again or when it was going to end. It was hard for me to answer because I didn't know. I knew I was still fighting my case, and I didn't know what would happen. I couldn't give them answers. All I could say was, "I'm here now."

My daughter was in high school, but I wasn't able to see her in school plays, let alone take her to school. My son would ask me about my ankle bracelet, "Why are they doing this to you? Why did they put that on you? They put those on animals. They put that on dogs." I remember telling him, "Boo, I'm not an animal. This is a part of the legal process," and explained that it was meant to track me. I had to explain the monitor on my leg, the telephone in the house that he couldn't touch, and that only I could pick up because it meant the sheriffs were calling. I was forced to explain to a five-year-old how the legal system works, including how I had to get permission to go back and forth to court. If he wanted to play outside, I couldn't leave our steps in front of the house. It was hard because at the time, he was trying to learn how to ride a bike and skate. I had to get someone else to stand outside with him so he could learn to ride his bike and rollerblade or even just play with kids down the street. If he fell down in the street and hurt himself, I couldn't run to him to tell him he'd be all right. He would ask me if he could come to court and tell the judge to take this thing off of me, to which I'd reply, "I wish, I wish."

When you incarcerate a mom, you incarcerate the whole family. It's not just you, it's your kids, too. They're in jail as well with being on electronic monitoring. When it was nice outside, I couldn't go out with them or sit outside and watch the fireworks. I was unable to do normal things families do, like go to the park, barbecue, or visit my mother's grave. Many of the things we'd normally do as a family just couldn't be done anymore.

It felt like it was never going to be over. Every time I went to court, it was huge: lots of crying and both kids asking if I'd actually be coming back. When the sheriffs would show up to check on the EM box, the kids would get scared. How could I explain to a five-year-old that the sheriff is only coming to check on the box? My kids were constantly on edge. They'd have anxiety when they were at school because they were afraid to be away from me. It would tear me apart. As a parent, I was trying to be strong for them.

After all that, I decided I couldn't keep fighting the case. If I could take a plea deal and make it all end, things would be better. I'd be at home and we could go on with our lives. As long as I was on house arrest, I couldn't have full custody of my kids. So, I decided to plead out. Due to the deal, I had to spend one night in prison, but this time, it would be over afterward. They had to send me to a prison downstate to dress me in, take some pictures, and then put me back on a train to come home for good.
After 14 months in jail and five months on electronic monitoring, I was on my way home from Logan prison. On the train coming home, I asked a man if I could use his cell phone to call my kids and tell them I was on the way home. I was so grateful to tell them this was over. They were so traumatized. It had been nearly two years of my life taken away, two Mother's Days, one Christmas, and so many moments in between. Now we could just be a family.

Today, my kids are adapting. I have permanent custody of my kids, and we finally got our own place. We are spending lots of family time together. I'm also working with two organizations: the Chicago Community Bond Fund, working to end money bond and pretrial detention, and Cabrini Green Legal Aid, working for the rights of incarcerated women and making sure they can see their kids. It's been amazing working with both of these groups. I've already lost so many things, and this work is a great sacrifice, but if I can save one or two people and help people see that pretrial detention isn't right, then it's worth it to me.

She didn't seem to miss too many meals in jail!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Is Dart's EM program really this bad?

From Comment Section..

"A buddy of mine that works EM for the Cook County Sheriff says someone needs to seriously do a FOIA request on the Electronic Monitoring program. The Sheriff has thousands of violent criminals on the program and many are missing. He has three different cases where they released guys who have previous murder convictions because the Sheriff classifies the new charges as low level. One guy had 32 prior arrests, two murder convictions, and was out again on EM on pending robbery charge. Could not believe it until he showed me the paperwork.'

Monday, June 12, 2017

Source.. Inspector General investigating the Sheriff's office for harassment of injured employees.  Duty injuries up 325% since 2010 as 78% of new hires quit within first year or are injured in the tour of duty!

Source tells us IG investigation is really gaining steam in way the Sheriff and Cook County treats injured employees. The major contention is initially denying employees pay benefits and healthcare according to source. One C/O was recently awarded 3 times damages he was seeking because the court was outraged in the manner he was treated. Source says employees are denied healthcare coverage for months while waiting to be approved for benefits. Source says the Sheriff's office/ Cook County denies and or delays everyone, even the most serious cases of injuries..  Cook County ends up paying more in the end because they are forcing employees to lawyer up and file suits. Records indicate the annual Sheriff's budget for Workers Comp cases has more than tripled since Dart took office.. In 2005, the previous Sheriff allocated 3.3 million of budget to cover Duty injury costs. This year the Sheriff is on pace to reach 15 million to cover work injuries.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Attorney Dana Kurtz is gonna have a field day with this one!.


Politically Connected Corrections officer allegedly gets drunk/ high on codeine and starts firing his weapon/letting others fire his weapon in his backyard and Sheriff merit board lowers it to suspension. The officer also allegedly lied to investigators and never reported incident.

Dart's same Merit Board fired officers (no clout) just this year for lying about having a suspended drivers license.

Grey Mateo Harris (Sheriff Board member) issued a blistering dissent and even insinuated the boards decision was political..

Blog Administer.. I don't like to see any officer get nailed unless they deserve it. But the double standard in this office is troubling.. We all have seen the ridiculous decisions/firings the board has made but someone who actually deserves to be fired gets a pass.. And Dart can claim he is "independent" from the Merit Board but the fact is he handpicked these clowns and most have donated to his campaign.

Boards Decision in link..

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Straight Jacket Time!

We had a tipster tell us he saw Sheriff Tom Dart posing for a photo with viles of Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy's blood in his own home a few years back... We thought this was too bizarre to be true. Then he sent us this pic and we verified the article. This guy is one sick puppy!!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tom Dart's shady lobbyist brother has numerous Facebook pals who are Sun-Times reporters..

Remember the old days of journalistic integrity where reporters would actually do investigations on shady lobbyists. Those days are over! Tom Dart has hired numerous family members of times reporters while his lobbyist brother Tim has befriended many of them..

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Shocking video surfaces of Tom Dart sounding more like Donald Trump than a liberal reformer!

The political chameleon award goes to Sheriff Tom Dart!!

Tom Dart says it "drives him nuts" that the media constantly portraying Cook County inmates as "a bunch of boy scouts" and then claims there really are NOT that many innocent people in jail anymore..  Dart then goes on to say "I wish you could reform these people" and they wouldn't go back to lives of crime by that just "doesn't happen"..

The self-proclaimed "progressive" Sheriff sounded more like Donald Trump in newly discovered video when he was running for office.. We have received tips that this guy actually portrayed himself as a conservative when it was politically advantageous early in his career.. It was almost hard to believe until this video surfaced!!

Start Video at 5 minute mark...