Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dart warns of Armageddon if his half-billion dollar budget is cut.. Former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan somehow managed with 150 million less in funding and 4,000 more inmates.

Sheriff Tom Dart: Budget-Related Layoffs Would ‘Devastate’ Office..

Cook County must lay off 1,100 employees – which could include almost 400 jail workers.
That was the word from County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Tuesday after a court upheld an order blocking a new sugary beverage tax. The county was relying on that tax to help fill a budget gap.

Layoffs are set to start next week. The Cook County Sheriff’s Office, which makes up 41 percent of the county budget, is in line to be hard-hit. Preckwinkle’s office is calling for 925 layoffs out of about 6,000 employees – some 17 percent of the sheriff’s workforce.

“I don’t know any company in the world that could be told, listen, you have two weeks to lay off 17 percent of your workforce,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said. “I can’t open all those courthouses. … I won’t be able to get people back and forth to court. I won’t be able to watch them. I just got out of a 40-year-old consent decree because of all the things we’ve done, including having enough staff. Where do you start? This is not good.”

Dart says that his staff head count is actually smaller than it was when he took office 10 years ago (yes, he eliminated 600 officers while adding 250 directors) and his office has proposed layoff alternatives to Preckwinkle’s staff, including furlough days for upper-level employees, holding off on hiring open positions, and closing down branch courtrooms he says are underused. So far, the president’s office has stuck by its call for layoffs.

Dart also warns that lockdowns at the Cook County Jail – already a problem because of staff absences – are likely happen more often. And his office is concerned it might have to cut back or eliminate substance abuse and mental health programs in the jail.

If the layoffs do go through, Dart says his office is heading into uncharted territory.
“This was not something that was telegraphed to us,” Dart said. “We had no way to plan for this.”
Sheriff Dart joins host Phil Ponce for a conversation.

Blogger . Sheriff Dart's budget reduction of 17% would cut the Sheriff's budget to 417 million annually.. That's roughly the same amount allocated to former Sheriff Sheahan if you take inflation into consideration. However, Sheahan didn't reduce his workforce (officers) by 1700 positions. So where is the funding going Sheriff?


  1. face it. this goof is the white todd stroger.

  2. The old joke use to be Sheahan and his political cronies then Dart took it to a new level of patronage. At least Sheahan didn't lay off officers.

    1. Does anyone else remember when Dart let his lawyer pals bill the county 3k hr to investigate patronage hiring. Then he hired the chick who was investigating his office. Judge retired Judge Meacham or name similar was billing the Sheriff millions in legal fees and said Dart didn't have any politics in his office. Does anyone other than me remember that scam?

    2. Yes and just in case your wondering his office is 'Shakman Compliant' now. Then as the monitor left with bags of cash in 2010 he hired Helen Burke. Even the media knows his office is anything but Shakman compliant. They always admit to me in correspondences they are aware his budget is loaded with patronage. But to get them to publicly report this fact is another hurdle.

  3. Preckwinkle is starting to realize how top heavy the Sheriff office is. What took her so long. The article is saying Darts lackeys are taking furlough days. How many is the question. He needs to lay off all those Directors before any officers get axed.

  4. The layoffs better be by seniority not by political and racial preference consideration!

  5. Ofcourse they are willing to take furlough days. They know their positions are worthless. what jail needs a director for elevators, toilet paper, comissary, keys, garbage, inmate services, groundskeeping, chicken farm, garden, tilapia, milk carton recycling, glbt liason, recreation, weight room...all 100k jobs to shuffle paper and make changes everyweek in their area costing billions.

  6. Does anyone have a list of directors? Please publish one and highlight all the B.S. positions. Inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!