Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sheriff Dart abruptly cancels Corrections Officer Academy Class just one month after federal mandate ends..

These recruits have gone through a vigorous hiring process, paid for uniforms and equipment, only to be told the funding is washed up.. Sheriff Dart has squandered hundreds of millions on political hiring and grandstanding ventures to bolster his political profile. His annual budget (513 million) has gone up 140 million (41 million inflation considered), since he took office in 2006. In that same time period he cut 602 deputy Sheriff positions. Now just one month after federal oversight/mandated hiring at jail he is canceling all hiring indefinitely. There seriously needs to be a line-by-line federal probe into his budget.. The taxpayers deserve accountability!!

We regret to inform you that the Cook County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer Academy Class scheduled to start on Monday, July 24, 2017, will not be able to commence on that date.

Late last week, the Cook County President’s Office informed the Cook County Sheriff’s Office that it must eliminate several positions and/or significantly reduce its overall budget. Unfortunately, due to these unexpected county-wide budget cuts, we will not be able to start a new Academy Class at this time. We do not yet know when the budget will allow us to schedule a new start date for another Academy Class.

You will have first priority for the next Cook County Sheriff's Office Correctional Officer Academy Class, contingent on your successful completion of the new employee orientation session, the background check and drug testing.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office appreciates your interest in the position of Correctional Officer as well as the time you have invested in this process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we hope to work with you in the near future.

Please feel free to contact Fendley Douge, Director with the Bureau of Human Resources for the Cook County Sheriff's Office at (773) 674-4354 with any additional questions or concerns.

Line-By-Line investigation into the Sheriff's budget request!

Sheriff Tom Dart's budget has increased 124 million (inflation considered 41 million) since he took office in 2006. The Sheriff added 68 Shakman exempt positions while eliminating 602 full time predominately officer positions in the last decade. Records indicate the Sheriff has been incredibly reckless with budget decisions, resulting in 600+ less officers providing valuable resources and protection to the citizens of Cook County.  Records also indicate that Sheriff has had more than sufficient funding to keep staffing at standard/safe levels but inexplicably chose not to do so!

2006 Sheriff Budget:: $388,872,980.00
2016 Sheriff Budget:: $513,351,967.00   

Elimination of 602 Jobs..
 Sheriff office 2006:: 7,306 full time positions.
Sheriff office 2016::  6,704 full time positions.

Political Hiring..
Exempt Positions 2006:: 176 positions
Exempt Positions 2016:: 244 positions.


  1. Time to get your CDL!

  2. pushing for that Cook County pop tax to go thru

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  4. "These recruits have gone through a vigorous hiring process"


  5. call your CHINAMAN and get another patronage job....

    1. I thought the chinaman was dead

    2. I thought the chinaman was dead

  6. That's what happens when you let a pos attorney hold the office of sheriff.