Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sheriff Dart first in nation to allow inmates to vote in-person. What could go wrong!

Dart registered 1200 inmates to vote in the 2016 election although Illinois law prohibits it!

In 2005 Illinois amended a law that disqualified people in jail from voting. But legal experts say the law is ambiguous and could lead to voter disenfranchisement because it doesn’t spell out procedures for inmates to register and vote.

Cara Smith, Sheriff Tom Dart’s chief policy officer, said the county jail has had an extensive absentee voting process for quite some time. The sheriff’s office sends inmates’ names to the clerk’s office, which determines who is registered to vote and who is eligible to vote. Then officials send voting packets to the inmates. But in-person voting represents “the next evolution to that commitment,” she said.

Blogger.. The circus act continues. Now Tom Dart and Cara Smith are pandering to a news outlet with a long history of anti-police rhetoric.


  1. It's too bad we don't have an Attorney General to investigate this!! Oh! We do! Its Lisa Madigan stepdaughter of Mike "The Boss" Madigan
    Never Mind!! Keep voting for the Democrats for more of the same.


    I wonder how many of the inmates voted Republican? Zero what a scam. At least Rauner is sending voter data to Trumps commission I hope it uncovers all the illegals and dead people voting democrat.

  3. The average daily population of the Los Angeles County jail is 18,000.

    Now you know why Chicago has more murders keep the criminals in jail where they belong?

  4. Are you not sworn law enforcement officers? ARREST HIM if he broke the law then or STFU!

    1. Blogs are for whining not for doing something about it.

  5. Has anyone sent you the email about the beverage tax, and how the county wants to lay off 925 employees from courts, doc and ccsp combined because the tax has not been implemented?

  6. Maybe the county could lay off some folks in the highway department, you know whats green and sleeps four?
    A highway department truck

  7. Sell more pizza. Lay off all those civilian Directors making a hundred grand a year with a take home car. They're useless anyway. Put a spotlight on those political spots.