Thursday, July 13, 2017

Local 700 celebrates the career of recently indicted Teamsters boss accused of stealing union dues.. How nice!

John T. Coli was recently indicted for allegedly stealing union dues/taking bribes and Teamsters local 700 is celebrating his career and "retirement" on the front page of their website .. Not one word about the injured officers in the hospital or possible layoffs..

John T. Coli, who has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters since 1971 and served as President of Teamsters Joint Council 25 for more than 15 years, has announced plans to retire from the union on July 31.

Coli will retire this month after 46 years in the Teamsters. He has been an elected officer of Teamsters Local 727 since 1981, and has served as the Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer for more than 25 years. He has been a coordinator and officer of the Joint Council for more than 20 years and was elected to two terms as a Teamsters International Vice President.

“It is with tremendous reflection and a big heart that I announce my retirement from the Teamsters-the greatest union in the world of which I have been so proud to be a member every day of my life,” Coli said. “After more than 46 years of membership and service to my fellow Teamsters, it’s time to begin the next chapter (jail). Above all, that includes spending time with my family, my loving wife of 35 years and my two beautiful grandkids. While I’m so looking forward to quiet nights at home and big family dinners, I will spend my days honored and forever grateful to this union, for its bedrock principles of equality and justice, and for the chance I had for nearly five decades to fight as hard as I could for Teamsters everywhere.”

Strzechowski Named New President
Following Coli’s announcement, the Joint Council 25 Executive Board selected Trustee Becky Strzechowski as the next President of the organization during its meeting on July 10.

Strzechowski will become the first woman in its 106-year history to serve as President of the regional body representing more than 100,000 Teamsters across 26 local unions in Illinois and northwest Indiana. She will become the Joint Council’s tenth President on August 1.

John Coli total yearly compensation has been reported at $337,000.. Apparently that wasn't good enough for his lifestyle!


  1. Of the guards are dumb enough to keep voting for this union . FUCK THEM. They deserve to get fucked.

  2. You think your vote counts???

  3. Keep paying those union dues for their big salaries and pensions! Wonder why so many people are anti-union?

  4. Half of the jail guards are illiterate & don't want they are reading. Teamsters is blowing smoke up their asses. I went to vote & voted NO. One of the reps was talking just like a politician. They brainwashed enough young people to vote Yes. We are fucked.

  5. Teamsters at the concession stand look what happened to their freight division %15 wage cut and 75% pension cut.