Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Update.. Police Memorial Parade diverted to nearby School after Preckwinkle and Dart wouldn't allow them finish at the Maywood Courthouse..

 The Video.. 

Preckwinkle first told the Sheriff's Office that they could not hold their Family Day to be held tomorrow for officers and their families because she said that no county resources or property can be utilized by the ILCOPS. ILCOPS is an organization that takes care of survivors of the officers killed in the line of duty. No cost was going to be incurred by the County but rather by the ILCOPS. Cook County's Homeland Security was providing the tents and showers for the volunteers that were finishing the ride in honor of our fallen and our very own Jason Gallero. So no longer will there be pipes and drums at the end, no presentation for Gallero's family and no comradery.

And now it has been said that the entire event has cancelled after an alternative location was located. No thanks to Dart!

Way to go! Remember that when the next election comes around!

Patrol Officer

Jason Gallero

Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, Illinois

End of Watch: Thursday, September 15, 2016

Patrol Officer and Training Instructor Jason Gallero suffered a fatal medical event while participating in a morning run at the Cook County Sheriff's Police Training Academy in Maywood.

Officer Gallero, who was an instructor with the academy, was running with cadets and other instructions when he collapsed near Fifth Avenue and Chicago Avenue. He was transported to Gottlieb Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at approximately 8:30 am.

Officer Gallero had served with the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department for 14 years and had previously served with the Cook County Department of Corrections for eight years. He is survived by his daughter.

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  1. Fuck them both!! I'm sure if that would have been an event for a gang banger they would have had no problem going all out!!
    Remember these fucking maggots on election day! Vote Democrat then come on here and bitch about how they fuck you around!! Now matter how many times you have it stuck in your ass you keep voting for the DemoRats!!

  2. It this suppose to be shocking that TV Tommy hates the police and military. The Sheriff office has more suicides than any police department in the country and the Sheriff brags about making his employees lives tricky. Now he is sticking his middle finger at Fallen officers and everyone is shocked. I'm not........

  3. If they layed off 300 of those directors and deputy directors the budget problem would be solved. Do what the jail is supposed to do. Stop with the gardening, yoga and music lessons and pizza bullshit.

  4. Dart never attends his officers funerals. Former Sheriff Sheehan attended everyone and even sometimes family members. I guarantee if a media reporter died Dart would be kissing butt smiling for the cameras.

  5. Welcome to the Progressive Center Left Utopia!!

  6. The Cook County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release that the victim was James Byron Haakenson, a 16-year-old who ran away from Minnesota. The teenager’s remains were among those of more than two dozen young men found in the crawl space of Gacy’s Chicago area home in 1978 and one of eight who were buried without being identified.

    Is someone out of touch?

  7. Maybe if everyone else didn't know how each and every one of you county employees got your jobs you'd deserve a little sympathy.

  8. You CPD jerkoffs are political hacks just like we are. Only you guys call it "Merit"