Friday, September 29, 2017

Markham Court Division Superintendent Boyd orders all overtime suspended. Obviously this guy doesn't care for his officers safety...

We are being informed the Superintendent of the Markham Court Division has suspended nearly all overtime, even in the most extreme cases of officer safety in the Sheriff's 24hr. lockup. We are also being informed Superintendent Boyd was actually dumb enough to put this order on paper making him personally liable when the next officer is injured.  Sources claim there has been past documented instances of less than three male officers on duty with excess of 150 prisoners.. There also has been numerous documented cases of officers seriously injured in the lockups.  Even president Preckwinkle accused the Sheriff of misappropriating his budget last month.. Time for Inspector General or federal investigation into this?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"These people don't want to work"..Dart's top aide uses racist code language to describe jail guards.

Way to boost morale Cara! Rip you own employees in an attempt to justify your own leadership failures..

Dart, Preckwinkle are in toxic clash over Teamster talks..

We had to fight to be at the table," says Dart spokeswoman, Cara Smith. "We presented a laundry list of proposals, and feel we weren't given the opportunity to pursue them."

Change is needed, she added. "These people don't want to work. In a recent weekend, we had 132 people who called in (for a day) off. We're rewarding poor behavior."

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Former Sheriff officer Gloria Garcia launches acting career with Star Wars role!

Popular culture festival, Fort Con 2, takes place in Fort William this Saturday. One of its guests, American actress Gloria Garcia, has appeared in EastEnders, Bond film Spectre and secured a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens thanks to her former career as a US sheriff in Chicago.

Illegal Alien Murderer gets released on Dart's EM..

Illegal alien charged with brutal murder by stabbing a man repeatedly gets low bond and is released on Sheriff Dart's disastrous EM program.  Dart refuses to honor ICE detainers of any Illegal criminals, including murderers.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Update... Paul E. Cox complaint leads to push for class action lawsuit.

Update. Employees call for class action suit against Risk Management, The Sheriff, and Pension Board in denying and or delaying work injury claims/disability benefits. We are getting a litany of claims where Sheriff employees lost everything while waiting for benefits they were owed. 

I just want to again mention about the delays and tardiness in medical
treatment and in the payment of worker's compensation checks. And the reason I
mention this is because this is the definition of "bad faith". I have written about how
problematic Risk Management's internal controls are. In the AON actuarial study of the
worker's compensation and liability self-insured programs as of 11-30-14, it highlights
the number of claims that were not reported as claims/liabilities. And this is the point,
they were not reported anywhere now Risk Management says they were not in their
system but were in the State's Attorney Office system (SAO). This said I'll now ask you
to look at CFO Samstein's memo dated 8-14-14. In it Mr. Samstein notes how Risk
Management identified "issues" highlighted in the independent auditor's report to 

management, and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the year
ended November 30, 2013.

Now there does appear to be the suggestion in the AON study that additional coordination between Risk Management and the SAO is what is needed. According to Mr. Samstein's memo Risk Management has taken steps to mitigate the effects of this issue. But there is no reason provided as to how this situation came about. The accusation I have put forth concerning the under reporting of
the worker's compensation claims it that it was deliberate-part of
a cover-up the corrupt actions of a criminal entity.

The domino effect of all this is that County has failed to disclose these fraudulent
misstatements as just that fraudulent misstatements and misrepresentations. But County
has further failed in that they did not make these fraudulent disclosures public.
According to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), municipal officials must
act in good faith to furnish accurate and up-to-date financial budgetary information. The
SEC holds municipalities accountable for misrepresenting information outside of its
securities disclosure statements. Refer to violation of SEC bond compliance statue (section 17a of
the 1933 Act and Rule IOb-5 of the 1934 Act) also see continuing disclosure obligations (Rule 15c2- l 2).The concealment by Risk Management of fraud and bad faith claims-negligent claims handling (this allegation of bad faith for insurance companies is bad news and probably no less so for a self-insured) is not to borne alone by the Director of Risk Management (Zalas) but also by members of the bureau of finance specifically CFO Ivan Samstein and Comptroller Lawrence Wilson.

The pension fund employees and trustees also share in the concealment-but this is
concealment of a different sort. As coordinator of the disability process, the pension fund
ensures that all disability procedures are in compliance with Article 9 [
40 ILCS 5/9-10 I et. seq.] of the Illinois Pension Code [40 ILCS 5/1-101 et. seq.] (the "Pension Code").

The concealment that is occurring with the pension fund is not one of claims but of
information. The pension fund is concealing from its' members/beneficiaries how to
apply for the continuing disability/permanent disability process.

When it comes to obtaining information and the subsequent application for continuing
disability/permanent disability the pension fund serves as gate keeper rather than an
advocate or benefits coordinator. You know a person whose job function it is to actually
advise the employees of the benefits (all disability benefits) their entitled to. It would
appear that the pension fund is a pretty effective gate keeper because there are few if
any employees ever placed on continuing disability/permanent disability as a result of a duty
injury. It does appear however that many employees who are injured on duty are never
advised of continuing disability or are either steered into applying for ordinary disability.
An examination of the amount of funds allocated to employees on ordinary disability vs.
employee on duty disability is constant showing no fluctuation in the number of
employees on continuing disability/permanent disability.

If this is in fact true (statistically highly unlikely) what is county's secret? Outside of
the gate keeping-- the failure to fully disclose to employees the disability benefits there's the use of obstruction,coercion and threats.

In looking closer at the pension fund, risk management and the states attorney office it
does not appear to be as independent as many of its' employees let on. Actually, the
more one looks at what is occurring between the Sheriff's Office, Risk Management, the
State's Attorney Office (SAO) and the Cook County Pension Fund (CCPF) it looks more
like collusion among the departments to better manage their performance. My whole purpose for this summary is to share my thoughts on my reasons as to why a qui tam case should be filed, to provide you with the information I submitted to the Cook County Office of the Independent Inspector's General Office and to the FBI and to outline the domino effect/the way and manner this fraudulent data is used to obtain an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

I believe the explanation I have provided in this summary help to illuminate why the
flagrant violation of my due process rights and the violation of my first amendment right.
This is not just seen with the termination of my benefits to include my medical benefits
which has resulted in me rationing my diabetes medication in many instances at the point
endangering my health but it has resulted in the sheriff's office restricting my access to
emergency funds from my deferred compensation account to help pay for some of my

The actions by the County demonstrates an effort to shut down all expression of ideas
and opinions-to include my complaint about Cook County's administration of its
worker's compensation program and my continuing disability. (refer to my complaint to
the ARDC concerning the environment that Sheriff Dart creates with his actions).
The collusion among these departments shows that there exist a definite conflict of
interest with the State's Attorneys Office representing anybody in the County because
their part of this scheme (to include the participation of State's Attorney Anita Alvarez
and the recently resigned Civil Actions Bureau Chief Dan Gallagher).
Others with knowledge of this scheme are:

Ivan Samstein (CFO, Bureau of Finance)
Lawrence Wilson (Comptroller)
John P. Daley (Chairman of Committee on Finance,
Toni Preckwinkle (President, Cook County Board of Commissioners, possible target of
Note: Director of Risk Management (Zalas) falls under the operational control of the
Bureau of Finance.

Sheriff Officer Paul E. Cox compliant to the ARDC/ (Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission)... 

My request for an investigation of Attorney Thomas. J. Dart (Sheriff of Cook County) centers on his misconduct as it concerns the administration of workers compensation benefits. Sheriff Dart has through the machinations of the bureaucracy has used intimidation, coercion and threats both (implicit and explicit) to deny and delay treatment for officers injured on duty. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Breaking... Dart opts out of attorney general race..

Chicken-shit Tommy once again uses his kids as an excuse not to seek higher office. Dart is afraid to run for anything unless the office is handed to him. Cara Smith, a Madigan lackey says Dart wants to spend more time with his kids. Sound familiar! 

A spokeswoman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Dart will not be running for Attorney General, citing family reasons. Dart has five children and the oldest is a junior in high school. Dart also has things he still wants to accomplish as sheriff.

Dart actually seeking a real criminal. 

Cook County Sheriff is seeking the Public's help in capturing man who allegedly kidnapped and assaulted woman. I truly cant recall another time where Dart was publically searching for a real criminal. Wonder if this guy will qualify for Sheriff E.M release if caught.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Inmates were drunk on a daily basis and frequently masturbated in the classroom. CPS Report says..

Just when you thought the cheating was the only scandal..

The entire CPS Inspector report details how out of control the jail has become under Sheriff Tom Dart. The inmates who showed up to class were drunk, frequently masturbated openly in the classroom, and even sexually assaulted classroom staff members. The Sheriff rarely took disciplinary action against these inmates according to the report.. If Dart had any dignity he would immediately resign from office!

Tommy Dart's Jail handed out bogus diploma/credits to inmates like candy. The only thing surprising about this is the media covered it..

Credit Mill according to Chicago Public Schools IG..

Tom Dart claims he had concerns fraud was going on but never reported it to anyone. Is there not a G/O that states you have to report wrongdoing or a crime? Its time we open an Inspector General investigation into the Sheriff for violating his own General Orders?  How many officers has Dart fired for violating this specific G/O? One inmate who died in a car crash after release was still accruing credit hours after his death.. Others inmates who never attended class were given credits. If this was a suburban white high school it would be national news. Watch how fast this huge scandal is buried by the Chicago press..

Micheal Bloomberg will spend whatever it takes to keep Preckwinkle in office..

An interesting article published yesterday might ensure Tom Dart will remain in the Sheriff's office for at least another term. Sources say Dart has almost completely ruled out running for Mayor cause of fundraising problems and Rahm's unlimited money/resources... Dart was telling insiders he was strongly considering running against a wounded Preckwinkle but this news may change things.. Preckwinkle now has a mega backer worth an estimated 53 Billion in her corner. Dart has never had the guts to run for anything unless the office was handed to him. We may see the same broken record play again where the Sheriff uses his kids as an excuse to rule out higher office..  Sheriff Dart claims he wont seek higher office to make time for his kids but then tells everyone he works 15 hours a day which makes zero sense. The fact is Dart is a coward which is bad news for the department who might have to deal with him another 4 years..

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Extended workouts and meals says Cara Smith.

They took extended workouts. OH NO!

Cara Smith detailed to the press what the deputies who allegedly falsified timesheets were doing. The Sheriff is accusing 13 officers of logging a total of 85 hours of fraudulent time. That comes out to about 6.5 hours of time per officer, or under a minute a day in the time frame the Sheriff was investigating them. Now they are claiming the majority of the officers allegedly took extended workouts/meals according to Cara Smith. Not one is accused of skipping work or doing something nefarious on duty.. One thing is for certain, this is not a massive time fraud case as Dart has been advertising to the public. This is appearing to be witch-hunt from a ruthless ambitious Sheriff who will stop at nothing to reach his ultimate goal of Mayor or County Board President. There has also been numerous sources informing us that Tom Dart's management staff frequently take extended lunches at Hog Wild in Midlothian. We have been informed that some of them stationed in the jail have been spotted at Hog Wild over 40 miles from their work assignment. But the one hour lunch rule doesn't appear to apply to Dart's donors or politicos with clout!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Breaking News...Dart seeking termination of 13 CCB deputies for allegedly padding about 6 hours of time over a two year period.

Dart's Motto. One officers life ruined at a time!

13 officers may lose their jobs for allegedly stealing on average of 6.5 hours of time each over a two year period... This was the conclusion of the "extensive' investigation led by Dana Wright's hand picked investigator that ironically was the King of ghost payrolling himself at Markham for years. According to the Sheriff's office, 13 officers padded about 85 hours of total time.. Another 35 officers are facing 30-60 day suspensions.

Hopefully, the merit board doesn't ruin these officers lives over a few hours. Tom Dart has declared war on his employees and is using them as a stepping stone for higher office. I hope the merit board sees this for the witchhunt it is. 

Dart uses his media contacts to blame Preckwinkle for the jail mess!

Dart must smell blood in the water.

Dart's internal memos blame Preckwinkle for all the absenteeism problems at the jail. Dart claims Preckwinkle gave up to much to the guards in the new jail contract. Dart wants to make it publically clear that he despises his employees and the absenteeism issues at the jail are out of his control due to Preckwinkle and Democratic controlled unions. Dart is probably the most calculating backstabbing politician on the planet. Just as Preckwinkles poll numbers tank, Dart sticks the knife in her back while blasting his own employees in a sick political game.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Drug sniffing-dog attacks officer at jail.

The Tom Dart clown show circus act continues!

Officer was attacked/injured by drug-sniffing K-9 dog today in division 9 today. While the officer was still recovering in the hospital the Sheriff's office blaming him for the attack. Cara Smith claims the officer was told not to enter the area where the dog was searching. Sounds like another CYA moment for a dysfunctional office looking to minimize the future litigation by blaming the officer..

Inmate commits suicide..

Inmate in division 9 charged with attempted murder committed suicide yesterday. Surely the administration will try to blame the officers in memory of Dart's beloved criminals who was just about to turn his life around.

Monday, September 4, 2017


Deputy injured in courthouse escape as subject is soon recaptured.

Cook County detainee facing misdemeanor charge of simple battery escapes court and is now charged with multiple felonies. Did anyone let this honor student know that unless your charged with murder, you wont do any time in Cook County. Hell, even murderers have a shot to be released on E.M. by Dart.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Yet another guard reportedly seriously injured in inmate attack. Call on Dart to release the video.

Why is a candidate for Cook County Sheriff more effective publically exposing what's really going on in Dart's jail than the union who is paid to represent the guards?  Dominick Izzo has accomplished more for the guards in six months than the Teamsters have in the last 6 years.  

Source Dominick Izzo, Candidate for Cook County Sheriff.

Sheriff Tom Dart,

Will you be releasing the video to the media of the Officer who was transported to the hospital on Friday night, after an inmate shoved a handful of feces in his face and then repeatedly punched him, causing facial and spinal injuries? Or does that not fit your narrative on how half of the inmates of Cook County should not be there?