Friday, September 8, 2017

Dart uses his media contacts to blame Preckwinkle for the jail mess!

Dart must smell blood in the water.

Dart's internal memos blame Preckwinkle for all the absenteeism problems at the jail. Dart claims Preckwinkle gave up to much to the guards in the new jail contract. Dart wants to make it publically clear that he despises his employees and the absenteeism issues at the jail are out of his control due to Preckwinkle and Democratic controlled unions. Dart is probably the most calculating backstabbing politician on the planet. Just as Preckwinkles poll numbers tank, Dart sticks the knife in her back while blasting his own employees in a sick political game.


  1. Hire more Officers to cover sick days, vacation and on duty injury time ask Officers if they want to work overtime on their days off simple solution.

  2. First Sunday of NFL look for half the guards to call in sick!! "They gots to watch the niggers Nig!!"

  3. Maybe redirect all those funds the county is spending on Dart to defend him and use that money for OT and to hire officers. Let the Sheriff pay for those lawsuits especially those brought on by his own officers.