Monday, September 4, 2017


Deputy injured in courthouse escape as subject is soon recaptured.

Cook County detainee facing misdemeanor charge of simple battery escapes court and is now charged with multiple felonies. Did anyone let this honor student know that unless your charged with murder, you wont do any time in Cook County. Hell, even murderers have a shot to be released on E.M. by Dart.


  1. Later reports stated that when dart heard of the incident he had ordered CCDOC Director NNekka Jones Tapia, to give the escaped inmate EM. Cara Smith later stated the ccdoc is to blame for the inmate escape due to makeing the inmate feel bad about himself. The inmate could not help it he has a mental illness according to Cara Smith, Who serves as Sheriff Tom Darts Fluffer.

  2. Don't worry he will still get probation even with the multiple felonies!!

  3. Maybe Dart will take the shaved ape home and give him some "Special Counseling" Ya know sucking his dick!!