Friday, January 12, 2018

Career criminal mocking the system and threatening to kill people on Facebook after skipping court.

Even the North side liberal community is getting fed up with Sheriff Dart and Judge Evans.

A long-time Boystown nuisance who’s accused of trying to rob a man in River North last month was freed on a recognizance bond even though the Cook County Sheriff’s Office refused to accept him into its electronic monitoring program.

Yesterday, Donovan Mylander failed to show up in court, making him the latest person accused of a violent crime in Cook County who’s walking free thanks to local politicians’ love affair with a new “affordable bond” program.
On Tuesday, he failed to show up for his first court appearance in the robbery case. Judge Marvin Luckman issued a bench warrant.

Closer scrutiny of Mylander’s electronic monitoring paperwork shows that his “residential address” does not exist.

According to court records, Mylander had been given I-Bonds in two previous criminal cases last year. He skipped bail both times, according to records. 

So where is Mylander? He’s on Facebook, laughing at the system and threatening to kill snitches.

His co-defendant in the attempted robbery case, Donovan Daffin, is free on electronic monitoring. He appeared in court on Tuesday as scheduled.

State Senator Bill Cunningham and Tom Dart have released thousands of violent offenders into once peaceful communities through Rocket Docket legislation and a 900% increase in Electronic Monitoring.. The EM release program has been swamped with so many violent criminals that Robbery is now considered a non-violent act.. 


  1. He looks a pole smoker.

  2. He'll be back they always come back!
    I'm surprised he didn't list his address as , 1060 W Addison!! Worked for Elwood Blues.

  3. Now that really frosts my ass.

  4. Coming to a neighborhood near you! Thanks a lot Dart-Taxwinkle-Foxx! Holy Trinity of Liberal Shitheads ruining every neighborhood in the County! Thanks assholes!

  5. But what name does he go by on facebook?