Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Suburban police Chief eviscerates Cara Smith for anti-police statements putting street officers lives in danger!

Finally  someone with courage speaking the truth about the two hippie Antifa communists Cara Smith and Tom Dart placing officers lives in danger.. 

Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel is livid that Tom Dart's spokesman is portraying street cops as storm troopers hunting down poor citizens of the community. 

He said in a release police throughout Cook County and local law enforcement officials in Illinois do not target poor people nor do they criminalize them.
"Over 90 percent of the time, my officers in Riverside and those throughout Cook County are responding to calls for service from residents or victims of a crime," Weitzel said. "The officers who first respond to these calls have no information on the social or economic status of the individuals we are responding to investigate or whether they have prior criminal histories which is contrary to Cara Smith's statement about 'poor people' being criminalized. This statement paints police as having a storm trooper mentality and is just not true."
Weitzel said in the release the continuing rhetoric that is going on throughout Cook County and the United States that somehow police agencies and officers are targeting individuals and criminalizing them because of their economic status is ridiculous.


  1. A lot of hippies and Fascists are wife beaters. That's a proven fact. Leave you wife alone Tom you coward!

  2. If someone punched tom dart in the face. Would it be a misdemeanor?

  3. Laid off Sergeants to come back. Letters sent !!